experience in a sentence

We can enrich our experience with the help of books.

Man learns by experience.

I am aware of all the computer languages and have an experience in development of websites.

I have never had such an experience.

Recognize your loneliness, know it and experience it.

She is full of wisdom and experience.

Experience is the name we give to our mistakes.

It is a nerve wracking experience for me.

I have learnt it from experience.

He is a man of great experience.

Travel is both a source of education and an enjoyable experience.

Your experience and qualification are far better than the job, you will do here.

It was a very touching experience.

You need a minimum of two years experience to get a job there.

Do you have any experience?

Experience makes us wiser.

It was indeed an exciting experience.

I am an expert programmer with more than 10 years of experience.

Initially, marriage is a wonderful experience but with the passage of time it loses its charm.

It is a common experience that none comes to the help of the idle.

I have no experience of teaching.

He has had no experience in this sort of work.

I learnt from my experience that pride has a fall.

Last month I had an experience of travelling in an over-crowded bus.

What had the experience taught you ?

I had amazing experience last night.

I have a very pleasant experience to share with you.

Your previous experience will give you advantage over others in the interview.