Expensive-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : क़ीमती, बहुमूल्य, महंगा, क़ीमती, बड़ी लागत का

Example Sentences :

It was a very expensive town.

This is in fact less expensive than that.

This beautiful house is so expensive that we can’t buy it.

This watch is as expensive a gift as that bracelet.

This bracelet is more expensive than that one.

This camera is less expensive than that one.

It’s too expensive to buy.

Why don’t you buy a motorbike?

Mangoes are more expensive than bananas.

I’m looking for an expensive wristwatch.

Do you feel that the results of these expensive treatments are not long .

She lives in an expensive style.

She picked out the most expensive dress.

She is wearing an expensive necklace.

Why did you buy this expensive dictionary?

It must be a very expensive restaurant!

He accepted an expensive gift from her.

He wears expensive clothes and owns a lot of jewellery.

His camera is three times as expensive as mine.

He has a very expensive watch.

It was disappointing that nobody ate the expensive sushi I had served.

Your new car looks awfully expensive to me.

That pen is more expensive than this one.

These watches are more expensive than the ones in that case.

The house was more expensive than I had expected.

I was surprised at how expensive the shoes were.

The expensive machine turned out to be of no use.


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