expenses in a sentence

We must cut down expenses or we’ll be getting into debt.

I am trying to keep down expenses.

My expenses have run up recently.

Cut down your expenses.

It is impossible for him to bear my educational expenses.

It is beyond my father’s means to bear the expenses of the Engineering College.

You should limit your expenses.

He has cut down his expenses.

My income is very small in proportion to my expenses.

We do not think of cutting down expenses.

We have to cut down our expenses.

We must cut down expenses, as our financial resources are low.

You can take up some part-time job to meet the expenses of education.

She worked at night at a call center to meet the expenses of her education.

I give my son a monthly allowance for sundry expenses.

Keep your expenses down.

Expenses at the marriage celebrations should be cut down.

We need to cut down on our expenses.

They need to cut down their expenses.

Please send me five hundred rupees to meet the expenses.

We should cut down our expenses.

Prices have risen, we must cut down our expenses.

Keep your expenses within your income.

You should have asked me to send you money for your tuition expenses.

My expenses have run up.

Cut down your expenses.

You are advised to beware of unnecessary expenses due to a family outing.

It is advised you keep a close check on your expenses.

Your expenses may rise sharply .