exercises in a sentence

Exercises can be done easily at home as well in an inexpensive manner.

One who exercises patience in trouble, financial crisis and extreme situations never face difficulties in life.

Exercises keep us fit.

Anyone who exercises or jogs, uses his lungs to his full capacity.

We should do different exercises for all our body parts.

Anaerobic exercises help in toning the body.

Do yoga exercises daily for good health.

Yoga exercises are good for health.

Practise some mild breathing exercises, like slow inhalation and exhalation.

Exercises keep up fit.

Proper exercises tune all the body parts.

Aerobic exercises speed up your metabolism and burn your calories.

Regular exercises increase blood circulation in our bodies.

These exercises will help you increase your English vocabulary.

What do aerobic exercises do to us?

I took yoga exercises daily when I was a small boy.

Are there any body weight exercises to build muscle?

Breathing exercises or meditation helps to calm down the mind.

These exercises can be easily performed at the comfort of your home.

There are certain outdoor exercises that help in relieving stress.

These exercises will help you grow tall naturally.

To reduce weight you must do some form of cardio exercises daily without fail.

You can do the following exercises for to minutes .

Do these exercises regularly?

Here is a list of exercises that can help you have toned arms.

There are many exercises that give somewhat zero results when done in a wrong way.

Can you do arm exercises everyday?

Practice safe exercises during pregnancy to be fit and fine.

These exercises can help you lose weight quickly.

She finished her exercises in the given time.

He tries to do some light exercises every morning.