exercise in a sentence

We should take exercise daily.

Morning walk is the best and cheapest type of exercise for the young and the old alike.

Swimming is the best exercise.

You can do this exercise as many times as you wish during the day.

Do some gentle exercise to encourage the elimination of toxins.

The regular physical exercise and the routine set had been silently working wonders on my weight.

I exercise for my mental health.

Exercise is important for keeping our bodies and minds healthy.

Exercise is really important for your health.

If we have been sensible in our diet and exercise, and also rest adequately, we will be healthy.

Walking is a good exercise.

Set aside twenty to thirty minutes each day for exercise.

A morning walk is the best exercise.

I do not get any time for exercise.

I exercise for thirty minutes every day.

Human body needs exercise to keep it.

You must take exercise daily.

During fasting, one has to exercise his will power not to succumb to the temptation of food.

You can do this exercise at any time and at any place.

Skipping is a good exercise for arms and legs.

Swimming is my favorite exercise.

We should have some exercise daily to keep fit.

Exercise for ten to fifteen minutes every day before your bath.

Exercise is necessary for health.

Regular exercise tends to health.

Playing outdoor games is a good exercise.

Physical exercise strengthens our body and refreshes our mind.

Students should take regular physical exercise right from their childhood.

Exercise helps us to keep fit.

If you do not take exercise, you will be ill.

Swimming is a good exercise.

Morning walk is the best exercise for young people.

Take exercise otherwise you will be ill.

Swimming is a good exercise.

Take exercise regularly.

Exercise is a panacea for all ills.

Rest after exercise is a tonic.

You ought to have taken exercise every day.

She worked off excess weight by a regular exercise.

He has regular habits of study and exercise.

This exercise will help you reduce your weight.

Take light exercise.

You should exercise your powers.

This exercise will keep you fit.

You must take exercise to keep yourself healthy.

He is taking exercise.

She take exercise daily ?

The teacher gave us difficult exercise.

I took yoga exercises daily when I was a small boy.

I cannot do this exercise today.

Those who do brain work, need regular physical exercise.

If you want to keep fit, take exercise daily.

He takes exercise every day.

Exercise can also ward off stress.

I do not take exercise.

This exercise needs to be corrected.

We take exercise daily.

He drew a margin in an exercise book.

How can I become slim without exercise?

She tried to exercise an undue influence upon me.

You should take exercise daily.

Exercise is too good to be ignored.

You should take exercise regularly.

He takes no exercise, apart from going to the shops.

Aerobics is a type of exercise.

Swimming is a good exercise.

I have not been taking exercise for one week.

I take exercise daily.

Why do you do exercise ?

Take exercise daily.

Do exercise lest you should fall ill.

I do exercise daily.

Having finished his exercise, he put away his books.

Let us go out for exercise.

I did not take exercise yesterday.

You must take exercise everyday.

Always make a fair copy of a written exercise.

I take exercise in the morning.

It is a brilliant exercise for the upper body.

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