excitement in a sentence

I felt a great excitement.

He was full of excitement.

It gives excitement to on-lookers.

It provided a lot of interest and excitement.

It was a day full of excitement.

We were full of thrill and excitement.

In the northern India, Lohri is celebrated with great excitement.

All were full of excitement and enthusiasm.

I was filled with excitement at the thought of it.

A wrestling match is full of interest and excitement.

There was great excitement among the public.

The whole atmosphere is full of excitement.

There was excitement all around.

As the days of election are approaching, the heat and excitement are increasing.

We were filled will excitement.

My first day in the college was full of excitement.

There was a lot of hurry and excitement.

I have never been to this city before so my excitement and concern is quite natural.

There was hurry and excitement all around.

We’ve had plenty of excitement recently.

There was a great excitement about the match.

His eyes had a sparkle of excitement.

This festival is celebrated with great vigour, enthusiasm and excitement by the people of all communities.

We’ve had plenty of excitement recently.

We were filled with excitement.

His excitement soon died down.

By and by the excitement will subside.

We play Holi with a lot of excitement.

The excitement reached its peak.

There was an air of excitement at the meeting.