excellent in a sentence

The internet has become an excellent vehicle for companies doing business to advertise their products and services.

Games are an excellent means of bodily exercise.

An excellent memory is important for getting good marks.

Expecting very high marks in the examination or excellent performance in whatever the child does is a universal trait amongst parents.

You have done an excellent job.

He is an excellent archer.

Watermelon is an excellent source of potassium.

It is an excellent idea.

He is an excellent player of cricket.

It is an excellent dinner.

He was noticed for his excellent performances.

It is an excellent meeting place for all kinds of people.

They are excellent at teaching.

This is excellent wine.

This restaurant is famous for its excellent cuisine.

Thank you very much for the excellent coffee.

Our university has excellent sports facilities.

This is an excellent party.

Everybody was praising me for my excellent speed.

Whatever he did, he did it in an excellent way.

The arrangements were excellent and service was very quick.

He played an excellent game.

We have topped all the colleges in the state by showing excellent results this year.

The Taj is an excellent memorial.

My brother blossomed out as on excellent musician.

That was an excellent opportunity.

He gave me an excellent gift.

He did an excellent job.

He is said to be an excellent teacher.

It is an excellent family having a very respectable social status.

I congratulated him on his excellent exam results.

This school admits only excellent pupils.

He made an excellent suggestion.

We assure you of our excellent service.

You have done excellent work.

I will provide excellent service.

It was an excellent dinner.

It is of excellent workmanship.

My college has excellent arrangements for extra-curricular activities.

This college is known for excellent results in the university examinations.

I’m sure I’ll have an excellent time.

The chicken is always excellent in this restaurant.

It’s an excellent film in my opinion.

He gave us an excellent dinner.

it is excellent replacement for brisk walking.

This is an excellent tool for teaching your kids.

He made an excellent speech in the Parliament.

Push Up is an excellent chest exercise.

His excellent work stands out.

He has built up an excellent business.

He has excellent reflexes.

He is excellent at finding fault with other people.

He has excellent techniques which would outdo a specialist.

He’s an excellent brain surgeon.

He was an excellent scientist.

She is excellent in English.

Her husband is an excellent cook.

She is excellent in composition.

She had matured into an excellent woman.

She is an excellent student.

I consider him to be an excellent teacher.

He’s an excellent tennis player.

He is an exemplary person with an excellent reputation.

He is an excellent skier.

He did an excellent job.

He is an excellent cricket player.

He is an excellent piano player.

She is excellent at making speeches.

You did an excellent job.

Your camera is not as excellent as my camera.

He requires excellent work of his students.

That’s an excellent wine.

He has excellent technique.

He was an excellent singer.

He does excellent work.

That restaurant serves excellent food.

Walking is an excellent exercise.

My wife showed excellent taste in decorating the room.

They had made an excellent seating arrangement.

It was an excellent display of skill and strength.

It is excellent to have a giant’s strength.

He did an excellent job.

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