forever in a sentence

A moment which is lost is lost forever. All the students of the college took a pledge to remain non-smokers forever. Nehru would live forever in the hearts of Indians for his great deeds. Yours memories lie etched on my mind forever. I don’t want to die, I want to live forever. I forever yearned … Read more

advertising in a sentence

Advertising can help to sell not only products, but also ideas. Globalization of many brands and products has been possible through advertising. He works for an advertising agency. In today’s world new ways of advertising are used to influence consumers. Market for a product is created through advertising. Social media has become a hub for … Read more

acknowledge in a Sentence

Did you acknowledge his letter? Did you acknowledge receipt of the package? Do not forget to acknowledge sources precisely. Great men are always ready to acknowledge greatness in others. He acknowledges the receipt of my letter. He didn’t acknowledge defeat. He is a good sportsman and an acknowledge athlete. I acknowledge it to be true. … Read more

stomach in a sentence

Abdominal pain or stomach pain is a very common issue that almost all people experience at some point in their life or other. Could you send up some stomach medicine? Do not hold your breath too much inside your stomach area. Do you feel pain in the stomach? Do you have anything for a stomach … Read more

needy in a sentence

He helps the poor and needy students. He is the person who always helps the needy people in the society. Do you help the needy? My immediate aim is to help the needy. We ought to help the needy. He is a needy man. We have to care for those who are needy, poor, old … Read more

impart in a sentence

The University has decided to impart free education. I will not impart this secret even to my closest friend. He wants to impart best education to his children. The first and foremost aim of an educational institution is to impart quality education to the students. I will not impart this secret even to my closest … Read more

glance in a sentence

At first glance, this is not a bad idea. He cast a glance at me. He gave it only a brief glance. He gave me an awkward glance. He looked at the man with a fixed glance. He looked me up and down with a fierce glance. He took a glance at the papers. His … Read more

division in a sentence

After securing the first division in Class X, I had opted for the science stream in Class XI. Division of time in the examination hall is very important. Examinations give a division or a grade to the student. He secured first division by means of hard work. He could not avert the division of India … Read more

constant in a sentence

A coward remains in constant dread. A generation gap happens due to the constant changes in the world. Above all the constant love and support of your loved ones will help. Books are our constant and faithful friends. Determination in action is an inborn quality but it can be imbibed with constant practice. Fever and … Read more