Five years have passed since I came here. Since when have you been here ? What have you been doing here since morning ? Since Monday, I have not seen her. There has been continual raining since yesterday. I had been waiting for you since 2 O’clock. She has been knitting the sweater since 9 … Read more

Sight example sentences

It is a very beautiful sight. We lost sight of the right track in the darkness The thief took to his heels at the sight of the policeman. A peasant is a common sight in a village. The thief ran away at the sight of the police. That sight was too dreadful to be seen. … Read more

how to use Because Example Sentences

You shouldn’t risk losing your job because of that. He was fined because of his absence. Don’t stop working because of me. I want to review the lesson because I need to. He passed the examination because he had worked very hard. He is respected because he is honest. I could not attend my school … Read more

Inquiry in a Sentence

How can we reopen the inquiry ? The inquiry brought to light many frauds committed by him. This inquiry is only an eye wash. Our aim in this inquiry is to search out the truth. An inquiry was made at the spot, but no clue was found. How can we reopen the inquiry ? It … Read more

Complete Example Sentences

I will complete the work on time. We shall complete our work by the middle of this month. You must complete the test in two hours. He expressed complete satisfaction. He needs complete physical and mental peace. He has achieved a complete victory over his passions. I expect to complete it in an hour or … Read more

Example in a Sentence

I am glad that you have arrived in time. Please take care of this article. The teacher set us an example. He has set a great example of bravery and courage. You set a good example. Example is better than precept. I am not right in following their example. He is to follow her example. … Read more