Tired in a sentence

A mother never feels tired while playing with her child and always fulfills all his demands without thinking of her. A person consuming a high-sugar diet feels tired for no reason. A tired body needs sleep. Are you feeling tired throughout the day? Are you sick and tired of looking at your worn-out cleavage? Are … Read more

throne in a sentence

He came to the throne by succession. He gave up the throne voluntarily. He is heir to the throne. One king after another succeeded to the throne during those few years. Queen Victoria succeeded to the throne of land, after her father’s death. Saleem succeeded to the throne of Akbar. The Buddha had abdicated the … Read more

supper in a sentence

After supper, I go out for a short stroll. After supper, I spend some time with my brother and sister watching T.V. As soon as I got back to my inn I got my supper and got to bed. Come and have supper with us if you are not doing thing tonight. Come and have … Read more

root out in a sentence

What are we doing to root out poverty, ignorance and disease. The government is determined to root out corruption. If you want to root out corruption; do not grease the palm of any one. If we root out idleness all our difficulties will disappear. Government must take steps to root out corruption. Effectual steps must … Read more

necessity in a sentence

A computer is an absolute necessity now. A healthy lifestyle is a necessity in times of urbanization. Discipline is the most important necessity of a happy and peaceful life. He appreciated the necessity of acting promptly. He felt the necessity of a glass of water. He put emphasis on the necessity for immediate action. He … Read more

maintained in a sentence

A library is maintained by a librarian. Ashoka maintained friendly relations with the neighbouring kingdoms. Cleanliness can be maintained on both personal levels and in our surroundings. Everyone must practice it to keep their health maintained and also benefit from it. He has a growing family to be maintained. He has maintained the good quality … Read more

industrial in a sentence

A large number of people shifted from the agricultural sector to the industrial sector in an attempt to earn better. Almost all the leading industrial countries are participating in this fair. An industrial spider was weaving a web. Bombay is an industrial town. Cities have big factories and industrial centers. Both agricultural and industrial growth … Read more

glow in a sentence

He must feel the glow of freedom. Her cheeks began to glow with shame. It adds shine and glow to dull skin. It makes your skin glow and shine. It will soothe tired muscles. Milk cream contains lactic acid that helps brighten the skin and adds a glow to dull skin. There was a glow … Read more

get off in a sentence

Do we have to get off the train at the border? Don’t get off the bus till it stops. Don’t get off the bus. Don’t get off the train till it stops. Get off my way. He managed to get off the difficulty. He was told to get off at the station. I get off … Read more