gradually in a sentence

Time is a great healer, and will gradually heal your wound. This bad practice will gradually die out. He was shy in the beginning, but gradually he gained self-confidence. Terrorism has gradually uprooted the ethics of civilization. This is gradually turning into a health hazard. Watching television is gradually turning into a health hazard. This … Read more

differs in a sentence

She differs with me on this point. This book differs from that book in many ways. Every star differs from another in brightness. Hindi differs from English in many respects. His opinion differs from that of his brother. This cloth differs from the one you bought last week. The scheme and plan of my life … Read more

commanded in a sentence

The general commanded his soldiers to march forward. A soldier must do whatever he is commanded to do. The king commanded his army to attack. He commanded his men to get ready to charge. The Commander commanded the soldiers to march forward. The captain commanded the soldiers to march forward and take their positions. The … Read more

centre in a sentence

We stayed at hotel then centre of town. There is a big pond in the centre of the village. He is the centre of attraction everywhere. The big cities are the centre of all types of trades, medical facilities, education and business. A village well is the centre of activity, especially in the morning hours. … Read more

assignment in a sentence

lnspite of the shortage of time, I completed the assignment in time. Finish this assignment. The assignment has been corrected. How are you doing in your new assignment. I have to hand in my assignment by nine o’ clock. I’m in difficulties with this assignment. She has inbuilt leadership quality to handle any assignment. Have … Read more

absurd in a sentence

It is absurd for you. This news is so absurd that it cannot be believed. This news is too absurd to believe. How absurd it is ! He looked absurd in those clothes. The teacher did not like the absurd remark of the student. How much more absurd can you get? It’s quite absurd of … Read more