example sentences for first grade

The sun is shining brightly in the sky.

I have a red ball that bounces very high.

My cat likes to chase after the mouse.

We went to the park to play on the swings.

Mom made me a sandwich for lunch today.

The flowers in the garden smell so nice.

I saw a big rainbow after the rain stopped.

My teddy bear is soft and cuddly.

I can jump rope and skip along the sidewalk.

Dad and I read a bedtime story together.

The little bird sings a pretty song in the tree.

I like to draw pictures with my colorful crayons.

My favorite fruit is a juicy, red apple.

The school bus picks us up in the morning.

My dog loves to fetch the tennis ball.

I built a tall tower with my building blocks.

We had a fun picnic at the park with friends.

The moon comes out at night when it’s dark.

I can count from one to ten all by myself.

My teacher helps me learn new things every day.

The butterfly has bright wings that flutter.

I wear a warm coat when it’s cold outside.

My baby brother laughs when I make funny faces.

We play games and laugh during recess.

My mom’s cookies are delicious and sweet.

I brush my teeth before I go to bed.

The train goes choo-choo on the tracks.

I plant seeds and watch flowers grow.

My grandma gives the best hugs.

The stars twinkle in the night sky.

I can ride my bike with training wheels.

The cat likes to chase a little mouse.

I got a gold star on my drawing at school.

My favorite color is a bright, sunny yellow.

The snowflakes fall softly from the sky.

We built a sandcastle at the beach.

I can write my name in big letters.

The firetruck has a loud siren.

The owl hoots in the quiet night.

I use a big umbrella when it rains.

My dad helps me tie my shoelaces.

I learned to swim in the cool pool.

The squirrel runs quickly up the tree.

I have a new friend in my class.

I share my toys with my little sister.

My grandpa tells funny stories.

I made a card for my mom’s birthday.

The leaves change color in the fall.

I love to play hide and seek.

I sleep with my favorite teddy bear.

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