everyday in a sentence

Everybody was on the side of the lady.

We often feel tensed in our everyday life.

A person can become truly great in his everyday life with the help of small deeds.

Bipolar disorder is a serious brain disorder that causes dramatic shifts in moods, energy levels, attitudes and ability to carry out everyday tasks.

I begin to feel uneasy if I do not get my newspaper on time and everyday.

He enjoyed his everyday life rather than saving money for the future.

We begin to feel uneasy if we do not get our newspaper on time and everyday.

He is becoming stronger everyday.

Every day I ran along the riverside.

My mother goes to temple everyday.

You should complete your work everyday.

We should pray to God everyday.

I take a glass of juice everyday.

She does her work everyday.

They do their home-task everyday.

My parents go to the temple everyday.

The peon has to post the letters everyday.

He gets up at six o’clock everyday in the morning.

He is in his everyday clothes

He rides his horse everyday in the morning.

Do you take a bath everyday ?

Competition is a normal part of human nature and a part of everyday life.

He worked for hours everyday when he was young.

That is what we read everyday in the newspapers.

He gives home-task everyday and checks it without fail.

Does she do her work everyday ?

I visit the market almost everyday to cater to the various needs of the household.

The importance of electricity in our everyday life is beyond any words.

She goes to temple everyday to pray for herself and for all the members of her family.

Thousands of visitors come everyday to visit this historical place.

He eats an egg everyday for breakfast.

Do you take a bath everyday ?

Did you call her everyday ?

Did you call her everyday ?

Rainy season can disrupt our everyday lives.

Do this everyday before going to bed for faster and better results.

Eat a bowl of curd everyday to help you live healthy.

But we can do a bit of exercise everyday to keep the heart healthy and fine.

You should only buy such things as you need for your everyday life.

TV plays an important part in everyday life.

I have no time to listen to such everyday affairs.