everlasting in a sentence

The beauty of art, music and literature has an everlasting appeal for generations to come.

Spiritual beauty is everlasting.

True friendships are everlasting.

Everlasting happiness or bliss which is free from any opposite aspect comes from inside.

A good conversationalist can create everlasting impression on the minds of his listeners.

I will give you infinite joy and everlasting contentment.

We always want our marriage to be everlasting.

Married life is one of the most everlasting journeys that we undertake in our lifetime.

Man’s wayward mind hunts for everlasting happiness in sensory objects.

Nothing in the world can give us everlasting joy.

If we leave all that we want and desire, we shall attain real and everlasting Peace instantly.

Is there a State of everlasting Bliss?

We enjoyed everlasting life.

It is an everlasting friendship.

Our joys and sorrows are not everlasting.

Is there anything in the world that has given your mind everlasting pleasure?

He made an everlasting impression in the public consciousness.

He attained everlasting happiness.

Everything that is of eternal beauty is a thing of everlasting joy.

Elasticity of the spine means everlasting youth.

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