essential in a sentence

Good habits are essential for becoming a better human being.

Good habits are very essential for leading a harmonious life.

Exercising is essential for every individual.

We should increase the production of the essential articles.

Festivals in India are an essential part of National life.

Motivation, hard work, perseverance, determination are some of the qualities that are essential for success in one’s life.

He often feels that wealth is essential for him to make him peaceful and happy.

Computer has become an essential part of our life.

Cleanliness is essential for good health.

Electricity is an essential thing in modern life.

Good food is essential for health.

Good manners and polite behaviours are essential to be polished and cultured.

Water is essential for all living beings.

Presence of fat tissue is essential as a natural energy reserve in our bodies.

National integration is essential for social peace and communal harmony.

The shortage of many essential things is the main cause of the rising of prices of these items.

Developing concentration is essential to make study pleasurable.

Good manners are very essential for human civilization.

Soya protein is the only vegetable protein that is complete with all eight essential amino acids.

A library is an essential part of an educational institution.

Simple living and high thinking is great and very essential in life.

Food shelter and clothing are essential for life.

Air and water are equally essential for our survival.

The black marketers make money by hoarding scarce products and essential commodities.

Water is essential for life.

Money is essential for comforts in life.

Conservation of water is very essential.

Conservation in the agricultural sector is essential.

Hard work is essential to success in life.

Water is essential for life.

Good health is essential for success.

Eating is essential to life.

Industry is essential to success.

It is essential for the country to have a stable government.

Good soil is essential for growing healthy vegetables.

Vitamin B2 is essential for the growth and health of the skin.

Wise selection of friends is essential in life.

Cleanliness of body and clothes is essential to health.

A contented mind is an essential condition of happiness.

Games are essential for physical fitness.

Good health is essential for success.

Newspaper is essential for the successful functioning of democracy.

Work is essential to keep the world moving.

Moral values are essential to build a country.

Hard work is absolutely essential to get good marks.

Writing a program is essential for running a computer.

There has been a sharp increase in the prices of essential commodities in the past few years.

Willpower is the most essential prerequisite of success.

Colour is an essential part of Holi.

Games and sports are very essential for students.

What is essential for us to do ?

Games and sports are as essential as studies.

Water and air are essential for our survival.

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