escape in a sentence

He tried to escape during the police raid on his house.

Poverty is an evil from which it is very difficult to escape.

In the lap of nature, man finds an escape from the worries of life.

He made good his escape under cover of darkness.

Don’t escape or run away from the problems. Face them, fight them.

If you dislike work in general, changing jobs won’t help, for no matter what you do, you cannot escape work.

One can escape from a danger with a clever plan.

If you chase two rabbits simultaneously, both will escape.

If you are careful proactively, you can escape many troubles.

I cannot escape from this bad situation.

He had a narrow escape.

The driver had a hair-breadth escape when the bus turned turtle.

The thief made his good escape under the veil of darkness.

The only way for him to escape punishment is to apologize for his misconduct

He had a miraculous escape from the aircraft crash.

He may escape punishment by confessing his fault.

It was an hair’s breadth escape.

His father had a narrow escape in an accident.

I had a narrow escape in the lorry accident.

I wanted to speak the truth and escape being punished.

All routes of our escape have been cut off.

He had a narrow escape from the whirlpool.

How did the thief escape ?

He had a hair breadth escape yesterday.

He tried to escape from jail but failed.

You had a narrow escape.

Luckily he had a narrow escape.

He must apologise to escape punishment.

He must confess his fault to escape being fined.

He left the country to escape being harassed.

He managed to escape punishment by paying hush money.

She must apologize to escape punishment.

He had a hair breadth escape in the car accident.

She was fortunate to escape unhurt.

This cock and bull story cannot make you escape from punishment.

He could not find out an outlet for his escape.

The vehicle was totally smashed but the driver had a miraculous escape in the accident.

I let the bird escape.

The thief ran away to escape arrest.

There is no escape from death.

He managed to escape his capture by the police.

He has no hope of escape.

The police will not let the thief escape.

The prisoner effected his escape from the prison.

The men allegedly fired at the police party in an attempt to escape.

He must return the money to escape being punished.

From this prison there is no escape.

He lost all hope of escape.

He will not escape.

He had a hair-breadth escape in the accident.

The thieves made their escape good with police.

His escape is a mystery.

How did the convict escape from prison?

When did he escape ?

There is no escape from here.

It was a narrow escape.

How did the thief escape ?

He has no hope of escape.

She had a narrow escape from death.

He must confess his fault to escape fine.

There is no escape from him.

Nobody can escape from death.

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