equilibrium in a sentence

The need of the hour is to keep supply and demand in equilibrium.

Trees maintain balance and equilibrium in the environment.

At his wife’s death, he lost his mental equilibrium.

Everything must be in equilibrium.

I am impressed by your equilibrium.

Stress is not good for mental equilibrium.

My brother’s long absence affected the mental equilibrium of my mother.

An object is said to be in equilibrium when all the forces acting upon it are balanced.

He had lost his mental equilibrium in this matter.

Equilibrium in profession is my hallmark.

People are turning to yoga to attain mental and physical equilibrium.

Female foeticide affects the equilibrium of nature.

Addiction shatters mental and physical equilibrium.

She maintains equilibrium between her home.

He lost his mental equilibrium and committed suicide.

It is important to save the tiger to maintain the equilibrium of the ecosystem

Maintain your equilibrium.

Shock disturbs the equilibrium of the mind.

She was riding her bicycle well but she suddenly lost her equilibrium and fell.

Trees provide carbon dioxide as well as oxygen to the environment thus maintaining a balance and an equilibrium.

Shock disturbs the equilibrium of the mind.

He is in the state of an equilibrium.

Herbs restore the equilibrium in such cases.

Stress is nothing but the way you react to an external stimulus that disturbs your state of equilibrium.

Sleep deprivation destroys the hormonal equilibrium in your body which is needed to lose weight.

This is called a dynamic equilibrium.

This has a disturbing effect on the equilibrium of your marriage.

Turmeric also improves blood circulation and helps in maintaining an equilibrium in the body.

Vitamin A also helps in maintaining equilibrium of thyroid control and preservation.

You can reach a perfect equilibrium or synchronisation between body and mind by practising this pose.

How can we define equilibrium for a system of moving particles?