enviable in a sentence

The soothing moonlight, the cool breeze and the morning sunshine make life enviable.

He has carved out an enviable position in the world of letters.

Boys undergo a lot of hardship to make and maintain an enviable physique.

Ustad Vilayat Khan has an enviable voice at the ripe age of 90.

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has an enviable fan following.

He has an enviable personality.

Socially you are to occupy an enviable position.

I have earned myself an enviable reputation in the society.

Gandhara sculptures have held an enviable position in the art circles of the world.

His jungle lore is enviable.

He has attained an enviable position socially.

Hyderabad has an enviable record of producing sportspersons of international calibre.

He had an enviable political career.

Her record of success is enviable.

The affection he gets from others is enviable.

His high position in the office is enviable.

He enjoys an enviable position.

She has a very enviable position.

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