entertainment in a sentence

A big city has many sources of entertainment.

A book-worm does not like games or other means of entertainment.

A good newspaper is a source of entertainment also.

A newspaper contains news articles from around the world on different topics like politics sports entertainment business education culture and more.

Cinema going is the most popular mode of entertainment these days.

Cinema houses, multiplexes and nightclubs are the sources of entertainment.

Cinema is a major source of entertainment.

Cinema is the biggest source of entertainment for all sections of society.

Do you want entertainment at home?

Don’t wreck your budget for the sake of travel and entertainment.

Festivals are also a source of entertainment and help to break monotony of life.

Hid an entertaining story entertainment.

However the entertainment factor does not mean it is all good.

It gives them education as well as entertainment.

It is a source of entertainment.

It is an auspicious time for entertainment.

Latest means of transportation and entertainment have added to the charm of rural life.

Movies and T.V. are modern sources of entertainment.

Science has given us many means of entertainment and knowledge.

Science has given us modern means of entertainment.

Science has provided us with many means of entertainment to fight the boring monotony in life.

Television has become the most popular source of entertainment these days.

Television is a source of entertainment.

Television is a wonderful source of entertainment and education.

Television is one of the best means of entertainment.

Television is the most important form of entertainment these days.

The cinema is a rich source of entertainment.

The computer and the internet have become our biggest source of entertainment in our everyday life.

The entertainment industry has become highly versatile due to advancements in file processing and internet technologies.

The glamour associated with the entertainment industry makes people obsessed with it.

The tape recorder, the cinema and the television give us a lot of entertainment.

The television is a good source of entertainment.

These days are the days of electronic sources of entertainment and information.

They also come in use in the entertainment industry.

This movie is exempted from the entertainment tax.

This movie is exempted of the entertainment tax.

Today, television is one of the largest sources of entertainment for the masses.

We can connect with our loved ones easily and get access to unlimited entertainment instantly.

We have various means of entertainment in life such as Cinema, TV, Clubs etc.

Where can they get such entertainment in their rural homes?

You can get your daily dose of entertainment from the internet now.

Zoos are a great source of entertainment for kids.

The comedy show had the audience roaring with laughter, showcasing the comedian’s sharp wit and hilarious anecdotes.

The music concert featured an energetic band and mesmerizing visuals, creating an immersive and unforgettable entertainment experience.

The video game offered hours of entertainment, with its immersive gameplay and intricate storyline.

The amusement park provided a wide range of thrilling rides and attractions, ensuring endless entertainment for visitors of all ages.

The reality TV show kept viewers hooked with its dramatic twists and turns, providing addictive and engaging entertainment.

The art exhibition showcased a diverse collection of thought-provoking works, offering a unique form of visual entertainment.

The magician’s performance left the audience spellbound, as they witnessed incredible illusions and mind-boggling tricks.

The game night with friends was filled with laughter, friendly competition, and a great deal of entertainment.

The comedy club featured a lineup of talented stand-up comedians who delivered non-stop laughter and entertainment.

The dance performance showcased the dancers’ impeccable technique and artistic expression, providing a mesmerizing evening of entertainment.

The book club discussion sparked lively conversations and intellectual entertainment as members shared their insights and interpretations.

The theme park’s parade dazzled spectators with colorful floats, vibrant costumes, and lively music, creating a festive atmosphere of entertainment.

The mobile app allowed users to stream their favorite movies and TV shows, providing convenient and on-demand entertainment.

The karaoke night at the bar was a hit, with enthusiastic patrons showcasing their singing talents and creating an entertaining atmosphere.

The stand-up comedy special on television had viewers in stitches as the comedian delivered a hilarious and memorable performance.

I enjoy going to the movies for entertainment on the weekends.

The circus provided a thrilling evening of entertainment for the entire family.

The comedian’s jokes had the audience in stitches, providing a night of laughter and entertainment.

The magician wowed the crowd with his mind-bending tricks and illusions, leaving them in awe and providing an evening of magical entertainment.

The theater production showcased incredible acting and stunning visuals, creating a memorable evening of entertainment.

Board games are a popular form of indoor entertainment during family gatherings.

The virtual reality game provided an immersive and interactive form of entertainment that transported players to another world.

Watching a thrilling sports match provides an exciting form of entertainment, especially when cheering for your favorite team.

I love attending art exhibitions and galleries, appreciating the creativity and beauty they offer as a form of visual entertainment.

Escape rooms have become a popular form of entertainment, challenging participants to solve puzzles and unravel mysteries within a set time limit.

Outdoor music festivals offer a lively atmosphere and a diverse lineup of musicians, providing a vibrant form of entertainment.

Theme parks provide a full day of entertainment with their thrilling rides, live shows, and engaging attractions.

Karaoke nights offer a lively and interactive form of entertainment, allowing people to showcase their singing talents and enjoy a night of music with friends.

Watching a captivating play at the theater is a classic form of entertainment that combines talented actors, beautiful sets, and compelling storytelling.

Cooking and baking shows on television provide both entertainment and inspiration for culinary enthusiasts.

Watching a ballet performance is a visual feast, as graceful dancers tell stories through their movements and captivating choreography.

Outdoor festivals, such as food festivals or cultural celebrations, offer a blend of entertainment, delicious cuisine, and cultural experiences.

Gaming conventions bring together gaming enthusiasts to explore the latest releases, participate in tournaments, and enjoy the overall gaming entertainment.

Magic shows create a sense of wonder and amazement as magicians perform mind-boggling tricks and illusions, providing a thrilling form of entertainment.

Going to a comedy show at a local club is a fantastic way to enjoy live entertainment and discover new and upcoming comedians.

Artistic performances, such as acrobatics or circus acts, provide mesmerizing entertainment with their impressive physical feats and skilled performances.

Taking part in a trivia night at a pub or bar offers a fun and competitive form of entertainment as you test your knowledge and compete with friends.

Stand-up comedy specials on streaming platforms provide an abundance of laughter and entertainment as renowned comedians deliver their hilarious routines.

Outdoor adventure activities, such as zip-lining, hiking, or rock climbing, provide thrilling entertainment while exploring nature and challenging yourself.

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