ensure in a sentence

This will ensure our success in life.

She wants to ensure that he is arriving.

The traffic police should ensure that the rules of traffic are honestly observed.

Speed does not necessarily ensure good work.

If you do not ensure the supply within a week, we shall feel compelled to cancel the order.

It has to ensure an equal opportunity for all.

We must take steps to ensure the purity of water.

The state government should ensure that the money is utilized in a proper manner.

To maintain a healthy credit score, one should ensure timely payment of dues and avoid taking too many unsecured loans.

The prodigal amount of eggs laid by the fish ensure the survival of the species.

Parents should ensure the inculcation in their children of an awareness and consciousness of the world around them.

All possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, .

Maintaining a proper health of your lungs is very necessary to ensure proper supply of oxygen to the whole body.

You should ensure at least six to eight hours of sleep.

Take great care to ensure that your face and hands look good.

It is the duty of all and sundry to ensure cleanliness in the city.

Rinse your mouth properly after every meal to ensure that no food particle is stuck in .

This will ensure a healthier heart and overall well being.

To ensure faster rollout of electronic toll collection across the country, FASTags would soon .

I’ll do my best to ensure that such mistakes don’t occur in the future.

He has to ensure that the facts are correct.

We must ensure that we keep our vital organs safe and healthy .

This will reduce his stress and ensure a sound sleep.

You’ll need to fuel your body properly to ensure productivity throughout the day.

I can’t ensure that he will pass the examination.

This medicine will ensure you a good night’s sleep.

Careful preparations ensure success.

This will ensure that you have the peace of mind that is needed for a healthy life.

We have to ensure their safety.

It is better to ensure that the requirements are met through diet in order to maintain a healthy life.

It will ensure the proper health of your eyes.

Yoga has always been regarded as a tool to ensure complete peace and calm of mind and soul.

Please ensure that all the windows are closed before leaving the house.

The company implemented strict safety measures to ensure the well-being of its employees.

The chef tasted the dish multiple times to ensure it was seasoned perfectly.

The project manager double-checked the calculations to ensure the accuracy of the budget estimate.

We need to ensure that all the necessary documents are submitted before the deadline.

The teacher provided additional resources to ensure that all students understood the lesson.

The airline takes extra precautions to ensure the safety of its passengers during flights.

The supervisor will closely monitor the progress of the team to ensure they meet the project’s timeline.

The parents installed child-proof locks on all cabinets to ensure their toddler’s safety.

The hotel has a rigorous cleaning protocol to ensure the rooms are thoroughly sanitized.

The software developer conducted thorough testing to ensure the application’s reliability.

The event organizer made sure there were enough seats to ensure everyone could attend comfortably.

The mechanic inspected the car’s brakes to ensure they were in good working condition.

The quality control team conducts regular checks to ensure the products meet the company’s standards.

The security guard diligently checks identification to ensure only authorized personnel enter the building.

The doctor ordered follow-up tests to ensure the patient’s health was improving.

The teacher reminded the students to save their work regularly to ensure they didn’t lose any data.

The hotel staff is trained to ensure guests have a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

The government implemented strict border controls to ensure the country’s security.

The hiker carried a map and compass to ensure they didn’t get lost in the wilderness.

The coach emphasized the importance of warm-up exercises to ensure the athletes avoid injuries.

The HR department conducts background checks to ensure they hire qualified and trustworthy employees.

The gardener waters the plants regularly to ensure they stay healthy and vibrant.

The financial advisor diversifies the investment portfolio to ensure long-term stability.

The teacher reviewed the exam answers to ensure fair grading.

The technician conducted routine maintenance to ensure the equipment’s optimal performance.

The pharmacist carefully checks the prescription to ensure the correct medication and dosage.

The architect designed the building to ensure it complies with safety codes and regulations.

The chef tastes the dish again before serving it to ensure it meets the restaurant’s standards.

The immigration officer verifies the traveler’s documents to ensure they are allowed to enter the country.

The IT team implements security measures to ensure the company’s data is protected from cyber threats.

The government enforces regulations to ensure businesses operate ethically and responsibly.

The counselor provides support and guidance to ensure the mental well-being of their clients.

The coach develops a training plan to ensure the athletes are adequately prepared for the competition.

The technician conducts regular inspections to ensure the machinery is running efficiently.

The organization conducts audits to ensure compliance with financial regulations.

The teacher encourages active participation in class discussions to ensure everyone’s engagement.

The parent supervises the child’s online activities to ensure their safety on the internet.

The company offers training programs to employees to ensure they have the necessary skills for their roles.

The tour guide ensures that all participants are accounted for before moving to the next location.

The supervisor provides feedback and coaching to employees to ensure their professional growth.

The volunteer coordinator assigns tasks to volunteers to ensure the event runs smoothly.

The hotel provides a 24/7 concierge service to ensure guests’ needs are attended to at any time.

The chef adds a pinch of salt to the recipe to ensure it enhances the flavors.

The teacher gives clear instructions to ensure students understand what is expected of them.

The engineer performs stress tests to ensure the structural integrity of the bridge.

The sales team follows up with potential customers to ensure they address any questions or concerns.

The veterinarian conducts regular check-ups to ensure the pet’s health is maintained.

The project manager coordinates with different departments to ensure seamless collaboration.

The researcher conducts rigorous experiments to ensure the validity of the study results.

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