enmity in a sentence

Old enmity appeared to be the reason behind the incident.

There is an old enmity between these the two families.

This incident can be an outcome of some enmity.

Shun enmity.

The deceased had no enmity with anyone.

He had no enmity with anyone.

There was long-standing enmity between them.

This murder can be the result of personal enmity.

I have enmity with none.

He was brutally murdered owing to an old enmity last night.

I had no personal enmity with him.

Let us forget our enmity and start friendship with a clean slate. ‘

She is always at enmity with her neighbours.

India is not at enmity with any country.

He is at enmity with his elder brother.

Let us now bury the hatchet for ever and live like friends.

I have no enmity with you.

He is at enmity with me.

The enmity between the two neighbouring countries may lead to a major conflict.

All enmity is forgiven and forgotten and people embrace each other.

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