Enjoyed-word meaning in punjabi

ਆਨੰਦ ਮਾਣਿਆ

Example Sentences :

I enjoyed talking with him.

We really enjoyed ourselves.

I really enjoyed the talk we had about politics.

I really enjoyed our date tonight.

They have enjoyed it wholeheartedly.

He has enjoyed the society of his beloved.

We danced to the tune of music and enjoyed very much.

They enjoyed during the holidays.

We enjoyed seeing the city.

The people enjoyed a taste of freedom.

I enjoyed myself last night.

Last night we enjoyed talking over our high school days.

We enjoyed singing songs at the party.

I’ve enjoyed good health all my life.

I enjoyed swimming.

I enjoyed driving on the new highway.

He enjoyed cycling.

He enjoyed playing baseball.

They enjoyed singing songs.

I wonder if he enjoyed the last match.

He would have enjoyed prolonging the talk.

He would have enjoyed it wholeheartedly.

It seemed that they enjoyed it.

Write a letter to your friend describing how you enjoyed your summer vacation.

I’m glad you enjoyed it.

We have enjoyed peace for more than forty years.

I have enjoyed seeing you and talking about old times.

I enjoyed talking with you this evening very much.

We enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

We enjoyed watching the game.

Robert enjoyed talking with his girlfriend.

I enjoyed talking with some of the graduates.

I really enjoyed your company.

At school I had enjoyed reading Japanese literature in English translation”

I enjoyed watching soccer last night.

I enjoyed talking with him at the party.

We enjoyed playing baseball.

He enjoyed a new life under the sea.

They enjoyed themselves at the party.

I enjoyed talking with her.

The match was being enjoyed by the students.

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