Enjoy-word meaning in hindi

Verb : आनन्द उठाना, प्रयोग भोगना, आनन्द लेना, आनंद उठाना, पसंद होना, रसास्वादन करना, रस लेना, भोग करना, चैन करना, सराहना, अधिकार या भोग में रखना, उपयोग करना, आनंद लेना, उपभोग करना, लाभ उठाना, पसंद आना, चखाना

Example Sentences :

I enjoy reading detective stories.

I enjoy reading novels.

After lunch I enjoy a little nap.

Children enjoy joy-rides in the merry-go-rounds.

However they enjoy the fun.

May she live long and enjoy good health !

You will enjoy their company.

Now that the examinations are over, let’s enjoy ourselves.

They forgo classes and enjoy a matinee show at the nearest Cinema hall by playing truant from school.

I enjoy teaching.

Everyone wants to enjoy life.

Does he enjoy the picnic ?

Did you enjoy the game ?

Though his boss is very strict, he manages to enjoy French leave off and on.

Come on, let us enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

I enjoy a stroll in the garden both in the morning and in the evening.

In the evening, we came out to enjoy boating in the Nainital lake.

She flew to her nest to enjoy the tasty meal.

Everybody wishes to enjoy life.

They enjoy bathing.

I enjoy doing business.

Did she enjoy herself at the party?

Did you enjoy the film?

Kufri is a place where you can enjoy snow-fall.

I enjoy swimming in the river.

They seemed to enjoy it.

We shall enjoy lovely trips far into the hills.

He couldn’t enjoy it.

At night, he could enjoy neither his dinner nor his cigar.

Women and children enjoy themselves in swings.

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