enhance in a sentence

Proper care of these monuments will enhance their life.

Drugs are prescribed by physicians to cure diseases and sometimes to enhance physical and mental capacities.

The first duty of the students is to enhance their knowledge and to prepare for some useful career.

This blue shirt will enhance his good looks.

Each and every individual need proper education to enhance their own life standards as well as become a part of the social and economic growth of their own country.

Juice helps to enhance ones energy level.

We use makeup to enhance our features and to make the best out of how we look.

It can enhance your bone strength.

Many body-builders visit the gym with a hope to enhance their body size and strength.

It gives a student a chance to enhance the physical and social skills.

The dhols and nagaddas enhance the zeal of the festival.

They will accompany you anytime you want them and enhance your mood.

Books give us an insight into our thinking capacity and enhance our vocabulary.

Families enhance your confidence and make you believe in yourself.

It will enhance the life of our cattle and help in better crop production.

It will keep you physically fit and also enhance your lifespan.

Libraries enhance the cause of education and research.

These also enhance global warming.

This will enhance the understanding of the culture and bonding among the people.

It will also enhance the production of crops.

It helps people to enhance their interaction with the people of a different region of the country.

It helped me grow a lot as a dancer and also enhance my skills.

It will enhance the aesthetic beauty of the environment.

It will also enhance your state of mind.

One can take up classes to enhance their personality.

Reading books newspapers and other people’s writing will significantly enhance your writing style.

The book worms can get loads of books to read from and enhance their knowledge.

They enhance our knowledge and vocabulary.

They enhance our writing skills too.

They provide us with educational material and help enhance our knowledge.

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