English Prepositions Test


1. The cat is hiding ___________ the bed.

a) between
b) onto
c) under
d) beyond

Option C

2. The kids are playing ___________ the playground.

a) over
b) around
c) in
d) across

Option C

3. She traveled to Paris ___________ plane.

a) between
b) above
c) on
d) through

Option C

4. The ball rolled ___________ the hill.

a) under
b) below
c) down
d) onto

Option C

5. The birthday party will be held ___________ 6 PM ___________ 10 PM.

a) during / over
b) from / until
c) by / into
d) on / beyond

Option B

6. The cat climbed ___________ the tree.

a) onto
b) with
c) behind
d) into

Option A

7. The car is parked ___________ the garage.

a) on
b) at
c) in
d) under

Option D

8. They walked ___________ the street.

a) over
b) beyond
c) across
d) against

Option C

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