english grammar prepositions quiz


1. The dog is sleeping ___________ the couch.

a) onto
b) above
c) between
d) on

Option D

2. The package was delivered ___________ the recipient.

a) to
b) in
c) over
d) beside

Option A

3. We sat ___________ the fire and told stories.

a) against
b) among
c) onto
d) around

Option D

4. The bakery is located ___________ the corner of the street.

a) behind
b) under
c) at
d) on

Option C

5. The airplane flew ___________ the clouds.

a) beneath
b) between
c) across
d) into

Option C

6. The kids are playing ___________ the yard.

a) with
b) onto
c) on
d) outside

Option D

7. The cat is sitting ___________ the windowsill.

a) on
b) above
c) onto
d) through

Option A

8. The cat walked ___________ the narrow alley.

a) into
b) across
c) through
d) between

Option C

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