engaged in a sentence

He has engaged a counsel to defend him in the High Court.

I engaged myself in business.

He is engaged in books trade.

Many NGOs are engaged in spreading awareness of one’s democratic rights.

He is engaged in his father’s business.

We engaged a lawyer who was very clever.

They all were engaged in a furious battle.

Here is the servant A I engaged yesterday.

He is engaged in work.

They are all engaged in studies.

Shah Jehan engaged about twenty thousand masons and workers to build the Taj Mahal in memory of his beloved wife.

She is engaged in her work.

She is engaged to my brother.

He is engaged in an illegal business.

He is engaged in his studies.

He is engaged in the illicit sale of opium.

He is always engaged in humanitarian works.

They engaged in hot discussion.

He engaged a tutor.

She is getting engaged is an open secret.

Though there is a strict law against this practice, but some unscrupulous men are engaged in it for the sake of a few silver pieces.

She is extremely happy today because she has been engaged to a boy of her choice.

She is engaged to an engineer.

I have engaged a tutor for my son.

I was engaged in work when he called on me.

He is engaged in too many enterprises at the same time.

I rang all the numbers, and every one was engaged.

The line is engaged.

You’ve engaged to carry us.

They are engaged in petty jobs to earn their daily bread.

Realising that he cannot pass, he engaged a tuator.

I have engaged a private tutor.

After his retirement, he did not sit idle and engaged himself in social work.

Slowly lift your head and shoulders up to keep the abdomen engaged.

She is aged in her study.

He aged a teacher.

We were aged in an important discussion.

She was aged to a prince.

We aged a guide.

He is aged in the mining of coal.

He is aged in writing a novel.

You have aged to carry us.

I have aged a man to take down my notes in shorthand.

His daughter is aged to my son.

She has been aged to a boy of her choice.

His daughter is aged to a doctor.

We are aged in a difficult task.

My sister is aged in social work.

He is aged in business.

He is aged in export.

They are aged in playing chess.

She is aged to a rich man.

She is aged in writing letters.

Are you aged for tomorrow?

She is aged to him.

He is aged in developing new materials.

My brother is aged in cancer research.

The company aged him as an advisor.

She was aged in some interesting work when I arrived.

My sister is aged to him.

My son is aged to his secretary.

I am aged in AIDS research.

I am aged in a new business.

I am aged to her.

At that time she was aged in some sort of work.

He is aged in the study of energy.

He is aged in an occupation of his own choice.

He was aged in a long argument.

He aged in agriculture.

He was aged in making a telescope.

She is aged in social work.

My father is aged in foreign trade.

I’m aged tomorrow.

She got aged to him.

They were aged in a heated argument.

She aged him as a programmer.

She is aged in writing a book.

Mr. Darcy is aged to my daughter.

He got aged to my cousin.

He is aged to my younger sister.

He has aged himself to help me.

He is aged in selling cars.

He has been aged in the study of biology for nearly ten years.

He was aged in biological research.

They are aged in cancer research.

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