Enemy-word meaning in hindi

Noun : दुश्मन, प्रतिपक्षी, बैरी, रिपु, विरोधी, वैरी, शत्रु, शत्रुसेना, शत्रुपक्षी

Adjective : विरोधी, शत्रुतापूर्ण, शत्रु का, दुश्मन का, दुश्मनीयपूर्ण, शत्रुपक्षीय

Example Sentences :

Our enemy was defeated.

The enemy has defeated our army.

Our triumph over the enemy was due to bravery of our soldiers.

The enemy has been defeated.

The enemy had been defeated by our forces.

It is the greatest enemy of our nation.

They marched all night through the forest to catch the enemy.

He who has no enemy has no friend.

Will the enemy have captured the city by morning ?

We shall have captured the enemy by the next hour.

They fought the enemy back.

Like true sportsman they would give the enemy fair play.

The news of the landing of the enemy spread like wild fire.

We do not know how many of the enemy escaped.

The enemy had no choice but to yield.

The enemy surrendered before our army.

He who has no enemy has no friend.

The enemy fell back under the cover of darkness.

The wounded enemy soldiers cried for mercy.

The enemy has stationed troops on the border.

We fell on the enemy troops and subdued them.

The enemy is only yards from us.

The enemy soldiers eventually overpowered.

The air force destroyed enemy planes.

The enemy is showing signs of weakness.

The enemy is in the possession of the General.

The enemy has given in.

They looked for the enemy.

The commander pointed out the camp of the enemy to his soldiers.

The general decided to starve the enemy into surrender.

A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.

The captain commanded the soldiers not to attack the enemy until the rain stopped.

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