enemy in a sentence

  1. Why have people become an enemy of nature?
  2. He became deathly pale when he saw his enemy.
  3. An unpunctual man is his own enemy.
  4. Soldiers fight against the enemy.
  5. The greatest enemy of motivation is complacency.
  6. It is a fact that today man is his own greatest enemy.
  7. He killed the enemy at one fell swoop.
  8. The military shelled the enemy bases.
  9. I’ll trample my enemy like an ant under my feet.
  10. Do not divulge your secrets to your enemy.
  11. Never trust your enemy.
  12. Many great thinkers have said that the enemy of your enemy is always your friend.
  13. You need to pre-plan to defeat your enemy.
  14. Everyone wants more friends and less enemy.
  15. If you have dry skin, winter is the worst enemy you can have.
  16. Do not under-estimate your enemy.
  17. Dull skin is everyone’s worst enemy.
  18. Sometimes the man’s best friend may turn into his enemy.
  19. Anger is the invincible enemy of man.
  20. I was fully equipped when I entered into enemy area.
  21. The enemy had to give in at last.
  22. We fell on the enemy troops and subdued them.
  23. The enemy launched a terrible attack.
  24. The enemy left me for dead.
  25. The enemy had no choice but to yield.
  26. The enemy surrendered to our army.
  27. Anger is the enemy of success.
  28. The enemy could not resist our forces and had to surrender.
  29. The enemy had to retreat.
  30. The enemy forces were put to rout.
  31. The enemy attacked all of a sudden.
  32. The enemy surrendered unconditionally.
  33. He put his enemy to the sword.
  34. The enemy had to beat a retreat in the battlefield.
  35. At last the enemy gave in.
  36. The enemy was defeated.
  37. The enemy was captured.
  38. Let us fight against the enemy bravely.
  39. The enemy attacked wildly.
  40. Our soldiers attacked the enemy forcefully.
  41. The enemy has captured the city.
  42. He downed his enemy with one blow.
  43. We do not know how many of the enemy escaped.
  44. The enemy was put to rout.
  45. Blow up the enemy position.
  46. We inflicted a crushing defeat on the enemy.
  47. He has never made an enemy.
  48. The army has seized three check posts of the enemy.
  49. Our troops drove away the enemy.
  50. They defeated the enemy.
  51. You are not my enemy.
  52. He hit upon a plan to get out of the trap of the enemy.
  53. Never show the white feather to your enemy.
  54. Let us attack the enemy.
  55. He is my sworn enemy.
  56. We are facing a tough enemy.
  57. Our army defeated the enemy.
  58. Never break bread in the house of a enemy.
  59. May God give you victory over the enemy!
  60. He avenged himself on his enemy.
  61. Our forces have defeated the enemy.
  62. Our army has captured the fort of the enemy.
  63. He attacked his enemy.
  64. He fell upon his enemy.
  65. Our army cut off the enemy’s escape route.
  66. The enemy has been defeated.
  67. You must make it up with your enemy.
  68. The bridge was blown up by the enemy.
  69. I will take revenge on my enemy.
  70. He threw a hand grenade on the enemy.
  71. I want to reconcile with my enemy.
  72. He is now reconciled with his enemy.
  73. The Jawans protected their motherland against the enemy’s attack.
  74. A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.
  75. He drew his sword and rushed at the enemy.
  76. He struck a blow on his enemy.
  77. He revenged himself on his enemy.
  78. The soldiers had defeated the enemy.
  79. He is bold enough to face his enemy.
  80. May God give you victory over the enemy!
  81. He had shaken hands with his enemy?
  82. He pounced upon his enemy.
  83. I will definitely avenge myself upon my enemy.
  84. A cannon was fired by the enemy.
  85. Our forces flung back the enemy.
  86. He was found to be hand in glove with the enemy.
  87. We could not fall in with the views of our enemy.
  88. The enemy was captured.
  89. He forgave his enemy and they became friends.
  90. The enemy fell back under the cover of darkness.
  91. He wanted to teach his enemy a lesson.
  92. The enemy is too strong to be overcome easily.
  93. The enemy is about to surrender.
  94. Our army put the enemy to rout.
  95. We fell on the enemy troops and subdued them.
  96. We compelled the enemy to surrender.
  97. A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.
  98. The enemy easily defeated them.
  99. The enemy was unable to capture it.
  100. The news that the enemy landed spread like wild fire.
  101. The enemy has defeated our army.
  102. They captured enemy soldiers.
  103. They occupied the enemy country.
  104. The enemy forces are now in retreat.
  105. The enemy force gave in without any resistance.
  106. The soldiers raided the enemy camp.
  107. The enemy has defeated our army.
  108. We’ve destroyed the enemy flagship!
  109. An enemy of an enemy is a friend.
  110. Cancer is a great enemy of humanity.
  111. The enemy had to retreat.
  112. The enemy had defeated our army.
  113. The enemy seized the city.
  114. The enemy suffered heavy losses.
  115. The air force destroyed many enemy tanks.
  116. Let us fight against the enemy bravely.
  117. The enemy has been defeated.
  118. A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.
  119. I was alarmed to see my enemy before me.
  120. Our soldiers fell upon the enemy and caused a great loss to them.
  121. The ship was wrecked in an enemy action.
  122. He downed his enemy with one blow.
  123. The enemy forces were put to rout.
  124. The enemy appeared in great strength.
  125. The enemy has captured the city.
  126. The enemy surrendered unconditionally.
  127. He put his enemy to the sword.
  128. He is my enemy number one.
  129. The enemy appeared with great strength.
  130. Jealousy is an enemy to friendship.
  131. The enemy is caught like a mouse in a trap.
  132. The enemy did not yield to us.
  133. The enemy blew up the bridge.
  134. The enemy were driven out of the land.
  135. He betrayed us by telling the enemy where we were.
  136. Don’t make an enemy of him.
  137. Cancer is a great enemy of mankind.
  138. Don’t let the enemy get close.
  139. I know who my enemy is.
  140. The enemy gave in without further resistance.
  141. Our army broke through the enemy defenses.
  142. Smog is the enemy of healthy lungs.

Synonyms of Enemy


  • At last he got the better of his adversary.
  • Your adversary is too strong to be defeated by you.
  • His followers now began to intrigue his adversary.
  • He saw his adversary outwitted.


  • I am an agent of a Birla Enterprise.


  • He was antagonistic, wasn’t he?
  • He defeated his powerful antagonists.


  • The woman described her attacker to the police.
  • He flung his attacker to the ground.
  • He defended himself against the attacker.
  • He struggled with his attacker.
  • She managed to scare off her attacker by screaming loudly.
  • He wrestled his attacker to the ground.


  • It is not like good boys to backbite others.


  • It can outdo every competitor.
  • They combined against their competitor.
  • He can outdo every competitor.


  • It is criminal to let them go waste.
  • Seeing the police, the criminal slipped away.
  • The criminal killed a man with a heavy blow.
  • The criminal was beheaded in the public square.
  • The criminal came out of the house with arms raised.
  • The criminal is still at large.
  • Murder and robbery are criminal acts.
  • The police caught sight of the criminal running away.
  • He was arrested as a suspect in a criminal case.
  • He has a criminal record.
  • The criminal is nervous.


  • He was too cowardly to face the foe.
  • He shed womanish tears when he had to face his foe.
  • The General commanded the solders to march forward and attack the foe.


  • He is a police informer.


  • The judge sentenced the murderer to death.
  • He avenged himself on the murderer of this father.
  • The murderer has been sentenced to death.
  • The murderer was caught red handed.
  • The murderer was jailed for years.
  • The murderer was stoned to death.
  • Who do you think the murderer is?


  • My opponent has to give in.
  • He knocked down his opponent in the first round.
  • Our team defeated our opponent.


  • There was much opposition to his removal.
  • He faced the opposition boldly.
  • He is determined to put down opposition with an iron hand.
  • He sided with the opposition group in the argument.
  • There is certain to be some opposition to your suggestion.
  • The opposition party put forward a bill to reduce income tax.
  • The prosecutor asked me a leading question.


  • I do not want to rebel against authority.
  • The head of the rebel was made to fly.


  • He defeated his rival politically but lost to him morally.
  • He turned the tables on his rival party by wonderful logic and reasoning.
  • He had an edge over his rival because of his better height.
  • He knocked his rival down in one minute.
  • He criticized his rival severely.
  • Don’t hold your rival cheap.


  • The spy kept an eye on the servant’s movements.
  • The woman who came here in the morning turned out to be a spy.
  • The spy got 20 years in prison for treason.
  • The police detected the spy.
  • The investigation revealed him to be a spy.
  • No sooner had the spy returned home than he was told to go to another country.
  • One of them is a spy.
  • He was under suspicion of being a spy.
  • He believes that there is a spy among us.
  • He proved to be a spy.
  • The spy sent information by code.
  • He was executed as a spy.
  • She was suspected of being a spy.


  • Five people were killed in a terrorist attack.
  • We will never give in to terrorist demands.


  • He is a traitor to his country.
  • My father is condemned as a traitor.
  • He is a traitor.
  • He is a traitor to his country.
  • He ordered the execution of the traitor.
  • He turned traitor to his friends.
  • He turned traitor.
  • He was a traitor to his country.
  • He turned traitor.
  • He ordered that the traitor should be executed.
  • No one wants to be a traitor.
  • He ordered that the traitor should be jailed.
  • They called him a traitor.
  • The traitor was deprived of his citizenship.
  • He turned traitor.
  • He has turned traitor.
  • He turned traitor.
  • The traitor betrayed his country to the enemy.


  • The villain hit the hero at his head.
  • Was not he a villain to do such a deed ?
  • He was a villain to do such a deed.
  • Do you consider yourself the hero or the villain in your story?




















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