ended in a sentence

He intended to make the most of it.

He was deeply offended.

They do not give any information about intended actions.

He pretended to be good.

He ought to have attended the meeting.

It is never so late that it cannot be mended.

All his schemes ended in smoke.

He is descended from a noble family.

He attended to his duties.

It all ended as I expected.

The match ended in a draw.

Some people even laugh before their joke is ended.

The second World War ended in 1945.

It all ended up in zilch.

She ended her life by consuming poison.

Every time she tried to wink, she ended up squeezing both her eyes.

The match ended in a draw.

The scheme ended in failure.

All my plans to become a doctor ended in smoke.

Our Annual Examinations ended on the st of March this year.

The match ended in a draw.

At last it is ended and I am very glad.

The function will not have ended by now.

All his efforts ended in smoke.

The football match ended in a draw.

The functions ended with the national song.

All my plans ended in smoke.

The meeting ended in an argument.

The function ended with National Anthem.

The plans of opposition party to topple the government ended in fiasco.

The game ended in a draw.

All our attempts ended in failure.

The game ended in a tie.

He has ended dependence on his parents.

All his plans ended in smoke.

The boxing match ended when one boxer knocked the other one.

Four matches ended with no result and two were tied.

The attempt ended in failure.

The party ended at ten o’clock.

Our effort ended in failure.

The game ended at nine o’clock.

Their argument eventually ended in a draw.

His project ended in failure.

His play ended in large success.

His baseball life ended then.

He ended up in jail.

He tried to kill himself but it ended in failure.

He ended by quoting the Bible.

They ended capitalism and built a socialist society.

The battle ended before they got there.

She ended off her speech with some jokes.

The act ended and the lights were turned on.

She ended up getting married to him.

The conference ended at five.

He ended up not buying it.

The experiment ended in failure.

He tried to allay their fears but only ended up heightening them.

World War II ended and the Olympics were revived in in London.

World War Two ended in .

The peace talks ended in failure.

Are you wondering what we ended up doing?

We ended up going home early.

What we ended up learning was that the meat had been contaminated.

He ended up marrying her after all.

The game ended in a draw with a score.

The meeting ended at 9:00 p.m.

He ended his life by jumping off a bridge.

We’ve ended up a spanner short of a toolbox.

The summer vacation ended all too soon.

The holiday ended all too soon.

The argument ended in a fight.

The meeting ended earlier than usual.

The meeting ended at three in the afternoon.

He ended up expelled.

All our effort ended in failure.

By and by the party ended and everyone went home.

The party ended up with great revelry.

I ended up going over the top

The war ended with many victims.

The baseball game ended in a draw.

It was the last battle that ended the war.

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