empty in a sentence

Don’t go to school on an empty stomach.

This is an empty box.

An empty vessel creates much noise.

Goals without action are empty dreams.

This is an empty promise.

Why are you carrying an empty box?

Politeness is that magic which can convert your enemy into your friends.

Anger is the enemy of gentle behaviour.

Jealousy is the enemy of gentle behaviour.

Impatience is the enemy of gentle behaviour.

He fought the enemy bravely.

An empty vessel makes much noise.

That house has been empty for ages.

Empty vessels make much noise.

He smiles at his empty threats.

I can’t empty it.

The empty brain is the devil’s workshop.

The pocket is empty.

I have five empty bottles of booze.

Did you come empty handed?

You must not throw away empty bottles.

An empty vessel makes much noise:

Meet me behind the period when I am empty.

The box is empty.

Please empty the drum.

An empty door tempts even a saint.

I cannot empty it.

He covered it with some empty cloth.

She smiles at his empty threats.

The flat is quite empty.

They were living in an empty office building.

The bottle is half empty.

Many people believe that keeping empty egg shells in the nooks and corners of the kitchen keeps lizards away.

Since you are on an empty stomach the whole day it is best to stay away from foods and beverages which will cause acidity.

Drink this mixture on an empty stomach first .

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