efficiently in a sentence

We have to do our duty efficiently.

He is capable of performing his duty efficiently.

He is doing his work efficiently.

He brings up his children very efficiently.

He has performed his duty efficiently.

We should perform our duties honestly and efficiently.

We should work efficiently and with complete dedication.

You should perform your duty efficiently.

He is doing his work efficiently.

We want to do it more efficiently.

We should pay some attention on making our brain work more efficiently.

Workout regularly to help your colon handle bowel movements efficiently.

Your brain requires enough nutrients to function efficiently.

Use the electric toothbrush efficiently.

An intelligent woman pushes you to achieve goals efficiently.

Your digestive system works efficiently when you consume enough of dietary fibre.

If the crime is not proven efficiently, the victim can be freed from the sentence.

When you stay sober, your body can work more efficiently.

Your metabolism decides how efficiently your body functions and absorbs food.

To do housework efficiently you need skill.

The office staff worked quickly and efficiently to resolve the problem.

Deep breathing will help you in breathing more efficiently.

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