efficient in a sentence

He is very quick to understand and very efficient in work.

Under your efficient administration the Company is bound to show progress.

We provide efficient service.

It is difficult to believe that such thing should have happened under your efficient control.

They are highly efficient and qualified.

He is an efficient teacher and a strict disciplinarian.

He was an efficient ruler.

The staff of the organisers was very efficient and courteous.

The employer always longs for efficient work from his employees.

He is an efficient teacher and is in the good books of the headmaster.

Are you efficient ?

This book is an efficient Guide for the candidates preparing for the M.B.A. entrance examination.

He is an efficient typist.

Parents need to tackle children in a much more efficient manner today.

He is efficient in his work.

I voted for him because he is very efficient.

He is very polite and efficient.

Besides being efficient, he was also true to his salt.

He had to leave because he was not efficient.

Be efficient, else you will lose your job.

He’s an efficient supervisor.

The simplest detoxifying agent is water and of course it is the most efficient too.

Medical care is of no value without timely and efficient nursing care.

He is efficient in his work.

He’s an efficient supervisor.

My secretary is very efficient in everything she does.

Is he a very efficient person on the job?

She is an efficient and reliable assistant.

You should study in an efficient manner.

She is very efficient in the secretarial work.

I want an efficient assistant to help me.