Effect in a Sentence

Scientists are developing methods to minimize the effect of smoke let out by our autos and chimneys.

Bad health has a bad effect on the quality of work.

What is the effect of this medicine?

The greenhouse effect is responsible for the increase in the temperature all over the world.

Cucumber helps in flushing away the toxins, for it has a diuretic effect.

The importance of books is supreme as they have a long-lasting effect on the human mind.

For every there is a cause and for every cause there is an effect.

When will the new law be in effect?

Viewing vulgar movies and pictures can have a detrimental effect on the mind of a child.

The tonic had an energetic effect on the health of the patient.

My advice had no effect on him.

Smoking leaves a bad effect on the health.

What was the effect of your advice on him ?

This will have an adverse effect on you.

My words had the desired effect on her.

The effect of this medicine is very good.

Your tears do not effect me.

The medicine had no effect on me.

He is so hot-headed that no advice produces any effect on him.

My advice has no effect on him.

Her song produces a magical effect.

His speech produced no effect on the audience.

Smoking has bad effect on the health.

Smoking has a bad effect.

Let us see what effect it will have on the coming elections.

His most articles fell flat, as they did not have the intended effect.

My advice had the desired effect.

My word had no effect on him.

It is used to create a humorous effect.

His speech produced no effect on the audience.