economical in a sentence

It is good to have an economical way of life.

Women are more economical than men.

Homemade bone broth is economical and easy to make.

It is more effective and economical too!

It is cheap and economical!

Most women prefer to do a home pregnancy test, which is easier and economical.

Waxing is economical and can be done at home.

Celebrate Diwali in an economical and Eco-friendly manner.

The treatment is affordable and economical.

Mahatma Gandhi was well-known for his thoughtful and economical manner of speech.

We should be economical in use of unnecessary words.

Rainwater harvesting is a simple, economical and Eco-friendly technique.

He had to face many economical and social problems in life.

It is wise to be economical.

My wife is more economical than many other ladies in our area.

My husband is more economical than any man I know.

He is very economical in spending the money .

It is cheap, economical and efficient.

I shall try to be economical.

He is quite economical in his spending.

My wife is not economical.

It is good to remain economical in words.

E-mail is now the most economical means of communication.

She is a very economical manager of the house.

My economical condition is not good.

This system is very economical.

This system is very economical.

She is a very economical manager of the house.

My economical condition is not good.

This system is very economical.

It is economical.

I shall try to be economical.

One should be economical in these days of rising prices.

He is quite economical in his spending.

He is very economical in his habits.

His economical condition is not good.

I shall try to be economical.

She is a very economical manager of the house.

That would be very economical.

This car is very economical on gas.

There are some simple and economical ways to brighten your tired skin.

Small cars are very economical because of their low fuel consumption.

She is economical with her smiles.

She is economical of her time.

The hybrid car proved to be more economical, as it consumed less fuel and had lower maintenance costs.

By buying in bulk, she found an economical way to save money on groceries.

The company implemented more efficient production methods to become more economical and reduce waste.

The restaurant offered an economical lunch special that included a main course, side, and drink at a discounted price.

Installing energy-efficient appliances in the home is a practical and economical way to lower utility bills.

The small, economical car was perfect for city driving and had great fuel efficiency.

He found an economical solution to his printing needs by using a cost-effective ink subscription service.

The hotel provided economical accommodations without sacrificing comfort or amenities.

The government encouraged businesses to adopt green practices to be more economical and environmentally friendly.

She opted for an economical flight with a layover to save money on her travel expenses.

The new eco-friendly building design was not only energy-efficient but also more economical in the long run due to reduced utility costs.

The chef demonstrated how to create a delicious and economical meal using leftover ingredients from the previous day’s dinner.

The family decided to switch to solar panels to power their home, recognizing the long-term economical benefits of renewable energy.

The company implemented a telecommuting policy to be more economical with office space and reduce commuting costs for employees.

The city’s public transportation system was a popular choice for commuters due to its economical fares and convenience.

The online store offered economical shipping options for customers, making it affordable to order products from anywhere in the country.

The budget-friendly hotel provided economical accommodation without compromising on cleanliness or safety.

The company introduced an economical subscription plan for its software, allowing customers to access all features at a lower cost.

The thrift store was a treasure trove for those seeking fashionable and economical clothing options.

The farmer practiced water conservation methods to be more economical with irrigation and preserve valuable resources.

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