eating in a sentence

Avoid over-eating.

We cannot live without eating.

You are prohibited from eating this fruit.

Cooking is not as easy as eating.

He is eating an apple.

The child is eating sweets.

I wash my hand before eating anything.

I think eating healthy and exercising is very important.

We should wash our hands before and after eating something.

We use fork for picking up and eating food.

We use fork for picking up and eating food.

This fork is used for eating salad.

I am tired of eating sandwiches every day.

Healthy eating helps our skin and hair look great.

He was eating an apple.

She is very fond of eating.

What were you eating ?

I am very much fond of eating jaggery.

Change your eating habits.

What were you eating ?

He is eating an apple.

He was eating like a glutton.

The hungry dog fell to eating with voracity.

I love eating oranges, but I dislike peeling them.

There’s no connection between his illness and his eating habits.

What fun it was plucking fruits from the trees and eating !

The patient had not been eating anything since yesterday.

The cow is eating grass.

He was eating an orange.

It is important to keep yourself active by eating your meals .

Cultivate these eating habits to lose fat while eating.

Drinking milk and eating a big meal at dinner can be disastrous before sleep.

Having too much of salt while eating food can raise the blood pressure.

It is essential that you should know eating certain foods past their expiry date could make you sick.

The inflammation in stomach can stop you from eating .

Eating watermelon keeps your body hydrated.

Avoid eating under cooked or raw fish.

Not eating the right kind of food can make your body tired.

Have you ever pondered over the fact why gym enthusiasts take extra supplements despite eating regular food?

Of course it is your favourite food just avoid eating it at night.

Many women believe that eating less is their ticket to getting fit.

Does eating eggs cause weight gain?

Does eating porridge help you lose weight?

I stay fit by eating the right food (a balanced diet) and doing yoga.

It is very common for us to feel heavy headed and sleepy after eating food.

I gave up eating all fatty food and even junk food.

Sleeping and eating late leads to weight gain.

Your poor eating habits can damage the liver over a period of time.

Take special care of what you are eating.

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