What is the Noun of Eagerly?

The Noun of Eagerly is Eagerness. Example Sentences of Eagerness He was all eagerness to see her. Dear Uncle, You cannot imagine with what eagerness I waited for you on my birthday. His eagerness to make quick money landed him in trouble.

What is the Adjective of Eagerly?

The Adjective of Eagerly is Eager. Example Sentences of Eager Each of the boys was eager to join in the race. He is eager for success. He is eager to meet her again. He is eager to go abroad. He is eager for a chance to study abroad. He is eager to go to Boston. … Read more

eagerly in a sentence

Everyone is eagerly looking forward to the monsoon. He eagerly waited for the result. The summer is so hot that people eagerly wait for the monsoon. There are several youth who are eagerly waiting to cast their first vote. I love the monsoons and eagerly await it every year. We are eagerly waiting for you. … Read more