during in a sentence

I love to sing songs during his bath.

That is the hotel where we stayed during the vacation.

I shall come to you during summer vacation.

I am planning to visit Shimla during the ensuing vacation along with my classmates.

During summer we perspire profusely and drink a lot of water to quench thirst.

It is not only lava, but also poisonous gases that cause destruction and death during the eruption of a volcano.

Urdu was lingua franca during the Mughal period in India.

The school canteen is the busiest place during the lunch break.

The electrical wires are insulated to prevent the loss during transmission.

During adolescence a child can face various problems.

Quilts keep us warm during winter.

We should Thank God even during problems and difficulties.

Many a time, during adolescence, even dedicated students show lack of interest in studies.

He got military training during his college days.

Stars are visible only during the night.

The road is being constructed during elections by hook or by crook.

He has grown in leaps and bounds during the last one year.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito is known to infect humans during day time .

Sweating is a common complaint during pregnancy.

During the winter months, the temperature drops significantly, and snow covers the landscape.

The students remained attentive and focused during the teacher’s lecture.

She received a surprise visit from her grandparents during her birthday party.

The company experienced significant growth during the past year, expanding its market reach.

During the concert, the crowd sang along to their favorite songs, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

The team worked diligently and cooperatively during the project, ensuring its successful completion.

The athlete sustained an injury during the game and was taken to the hospital for medical attention.

During the storm, the power went out, leaving the neighborhood in darkness.

The company held a team-building retreat during which employees participated in various activities to strengthen their bonds.

The political rally drew a large crowd during the election campaign.

The dog was well-behaved and calm during the obedience training.

The artist found inspiration and painted many masterpieces during their time in Paris.

The guests socialized and enjoyed delicious food during the wedding reception.

The children giggled and played together during the school recess.

During the interview, the candidate confidently answered all the questions.

The company implemented new safety measures during the pandemic to protect its employees.

The air quality improved significantly during the implementation of stricter emission standards.

The driver remained cautious and alert during the heavy traffic on the highway.

The company offered additional benefits to its employees during the holiday season.

During the meeting, various proposals were discussed to address the company’s financial challenges.

The couple shared fond memories of their travels during their honeymoon.

The museum exhibits were temporarily closed for renovations during the summer months.

The soccer team improved their skills during rigorous training sessions.

The company experienced a surge in online sales during the holiday shopping season.

The scientist made several important discoveries during their research expedition in the rainforest.

The musician performed a series of concerts during their world tour.

The flowers bloom in vibrant colors during the springtime.

The students collaborated and exchanged ideas during the group project.

The patient showed signs of improvement during their treatment at the hospital.

The fire department responded promptly during the emergency call.

The atmosphere was electric during the championship game as fans cheered for their team.

The children displayed creativity and imagination during the art class.

The author received critical acclaim during the book’s launch event.

The city comes alive with festive decorations during the holiday season.

The company offered internships to college students during the summer break.

The marathon runners persevered and completed the race during challenging weather conditions.

The zoo offers interactive programs for visitors to learn about animals during the weekends.

The actress demonstrated versatility and range during her various roles in the theater.

The population of migratory birds increases during the breeding season.

The archaeological excavation uncovered ancient artifacts during the archaeological dig.

The astronaut conducted experiments and research during their time aboard the space station.

The art exhibition showcased the works of various artists during the month-long event.

The temperature drops significantly during the winter nights.

The company experienced a decline in sales during the economic downturn.

The conference attracted prominent speakers and experts during the industry event.

I fell asleep during the movie.

She took a walk during her lunch break.

It rained heavily during the night.

I felt a bit dizzy during the roller coaster ride.

The phone rang during our conversation.

We learned a lot during our trip to the museum.

I prefer to read during my commute to work.

He asked a question during the lecture.

The alarm went off during the early morning hours.

I made a cup of tea during the commercial break.

They played music during the wedding ceremony.

The lights went out during the thunderstorm.

She found her lost wallet during the search.

We enjoyed the beautiful scenery during our hike.

I like to listen to music during my workout.

He tripped and fell during the race.

We discovered a hidden treasure during our adventure.

The baby slept peacefully during the car ride.

I met some interesting people during the conference.

She received a phone call during dinner.

I read a book during my vacation.

They had a heated argument during the meeting.

I found a dollar bill on the sidewalk during my walk.

He proposed to her during a romantic dinner.

We stayed in a cozy cabin during our winter vacation.

I took notes during the lecture.

She got a sunburn during her day at the beach.

We encountered wildlife during our camping trip.

I had a pleasant chat with my neighbor during the afternoon.

The children played in the park during the sunny afternoon.

I accidentally spilled coffee on my shirt during breakfast.

He checked his email during the work break.

We witnessed a shooting star during the clear night.

I stretched my legs during the long flight.

She made a new friend during the summer camp.

I solved a difficult puzzle during my free time.

They met each other during their college years.

I cooked dinner during the evening hours.

He met his deadline during the busy week.

We danced under the stars during the romantic evening.

I practiced my guitar skills during the weekend.

She found her lost keys during the search.

I attended a wedding during the spring season.

They exchanged vows during the ceremony.

I meditated to relax during the stressful day.

We visited historical sites during our trip.

I wore a warm jacket during the cold winter.

She received a promotion during her career.

I completed my homework during the study session.

They shared stories and laughter during the family reunion.

I got a tan during my beach vacation.

He wore a costume during the costume party.

We spotted dolphins during our boat ride.

I listened to my favorite podcast during my commute.

She played the piano during the talent show.

I enjoyed the fireworks display during the Fourth of July.

They planted flowers in the garden during the spring.

I met my old friend during the class reunion.

We had a picnic in the park during the sunny day.

I got caught in the rain during my walk.

She found a job during her job search.

I stayed up late during the sleepless night.

They watched a documentary during the movie night.

I drank a glass of water during the hot day.

We celebrated our anniversary during the romantic weekend.

I wore sunglasses during the bright sunshine.

She bought a new dress during the shopping spree.

I caught a cold during the flu season.

They lit a bonfire during the camping trip.

I discovered a new hobby during my retirement.

She wrote a heartfelt letter during her downtime.

I took a nap during the lazy afternoon.

We explored the city during our vacation.

I did yoga exercises during the morning routine.

They sang songs during the karaoke night.

I read a novel during my summer vacation.

She made a wish during the birthday party.

I attended a seminar during the business trip.

We hiked up the mountain during the summer hike.

I worked on a painting during the art class.

They took a road trip during the summer break.

I brushed my teeth during my bedtime routine.

She learned a new language during her gap year.

I watched a documentary during my research.

We faced challenges during the tough times.

I received a gift during the holiday season.

They cooked a delicious meal during the family gathering.

I jogged in the park during my fitness routine.

She fell in love during her travels abroad.

I completed a marathon during my fitness journey.

We shared secrets during our late-night conversations.

I wrote in my journal during my introspective moments.

They made a snowman during the winter vacation.

I took a photograph during the scenic drive.

She adopted a pet during her visit to the animal shelter.

I tried new foods during the culinary adventure.

We watched a meteor shower during the meteorological event.

I practiced meditation during the mindfulness retreat.

They volunteered at a shelter during their spare time.

I attended a concert during the music festival.

She won a trophy during the sports competition.

I went on a blind date during my single years.

We played board games during the game night.

I attended a lecture during the academic conference.

They celebrated a milestone during the graduation ceremony.

I went fishing during the weekend getaway.

She found inner peace during the yoga retreat.

I learned a new skill during my hobby pursuit.

We enjoyed a boat ride during the summer vacation.

I took a stroll in the park during the peaceful morning.

They took photographs during the photography workshop.

I went skydiving during my adventure trip.

She met interesting people during her solo journey.

I had a picnic in the countryside during the sunny day.

We watched a live performance during the cultural festival.

I worked on my novel during my creative phase.

They had a barbecue party during the summer.

I swam in the ocean during the beach vacation.

She explored a haunted house during Halloween.

I learned to cook a new recipe during the cooking class.

We enjoyed a concert during the outdoor music festival.

I read a self-help book during my personal development journey.

They played soccer during the sports tournament.

I observed wildlife during the safari adventure.

She took a train ride during her European tour.

I practiced meditation during the spiritual retreat.

We visited historical landmarks during the sightseeing tour.

I watched a play during the theater season.

They took a river cruise during the romantic getaway.

I visited an art gallery during the cultural exploration.

She tried exotic cuisine during her culinary adventure.

I went horseback riding during my countryside vacation.

We explored ancient ruins during the archaeological expedition.

I attended a fashion show during the fashion week.

They went scuba diving during the underwater exploration.

I rode a hot air balloon during the adventure vacation.

She practiced yoga during the wellness retreat.

I attended a seminar during the professional development workshop.

We went horse racing during the sports event.

I volunteered at a soup kitchen during the holiday season.

They went ice skating during the winter festival.

I watched a documentary during the film festival.

She attended a music concert during the summer tour.

I explored a cave during the spelunking adventure.

We took a road trip during the cross-country journey.

I went fishing during the fishing expedition.

They attended a masquerade ball during the carnival.

I rode a roller coaster during the amusement park visit.

She attended a cooking class during the culinary school program.

I swam with dolphins during the marine adventure.

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