during in a sentence

I love to sing songs during his bath.

That is the hotel where we stayed during the vacation.

I shall come to you during summer vacation.

I am planning to visit Shimla during the ensuing vacation along with my classmates.

During summer we perspire profusely and drink a lot of water to quench thirst.

It is not only lava, but also poisonous gases that cause destruction and death during the eruption of a volcano.

Urdu was lingua franca during the Mughal period in India.

The school canteen is the busiest place during the lunch break.

The electrical wires are insulated to prevent the loss during transmission.

During adolescence a child can face various problems.

Quilts keep us warm during winter.

We should Thank God even during problems and difficulties.

Many a time, during adolescence, even dedicated students show lack of interest in studies.

He got military training during his college days.

Stars are visible only during the night.

The road is being constructed during elections by hook or by crook.

He has grown in leaps and bounds during the last one year.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito is known to infect humans during day time .

Sweating is a common complaint during pregnancy.