Dull-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : अरुचिकर, मति-मंद, मंदा, निष्क्रय, सुस्त, संवेदनाशून्य, मेघाच्छादित, मूढ़, मूर्ख, मन्द, मंदबुद्धि, मंद, भोथरा, फीका, निष्प्राण, अंधकारमय, आलसी, उदास, कुंठित, खिन्न, जड़, थोड़ा, धुंधला, नीरस, निरुत्साह, निष्प्रभ

Verb : कुंठित कर देना, मंद बनाना, कुंठित हो जाना, कुंठित करना, मंद होना, सुस्त करना, धुंधला करना, निरुत्साह करना, धार कम करना, धुँधला करना, क्षीण होना, कम करना, निकालना

Example Sentences :

The coffee enabled me to stay awake during the dull concert.

After the chilling winter season, the coming of spring brings new life and vigour into the dull life.

He is dull of hearing.

It is rightly said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Life would become dull and drab without it.

This is a dull book.

He will be glad to leave the dull job.

At any rate, films offer us a good change from the dull routine of life.

I am tired of my dull life.

Life would be dull without games.

It was a long, dull and wearisome journey.

She is not a dull girl.

I felt dull and uneasy.

Apples contain various vitamins which instantly brighten up dull and tired skin.

Dead skin cells often lead to dull and dry skin.

If you have dull and patchy skin then here are the things you can do to sort that out now.

It is very effective natural cure for dull skin.

To get rid of all signs of dead and dull skin make sure you scrub and exfoliate your skin.

Avoid dull colours as they are neither in fashion nor do they fit the occasion.

Most of us take every effort to look great but hair care is often forgotten and this leads to dull and damaged hair.

She found it dull living in the country.

Television can dull our creative power.

The knife was so dull that I couldn’t cut the meat with it.

He is so dull that he cannot understand it.

He is really dull to hardship.

It’s a dull job to clean a bike.

The movie was so dull that the audience left one by one.

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