due to in a sentence

My absence from office was due to my illness.

It is all due to your hard work and the blessings of God.

She is very popular in the locality due to her qualities.

Many children are mentally disabled due to nervous disorders.

Thousands of people are dying every year due to lack of medical facilities.

Many great men have won due to hope.

The accidents on the road happen due to carelessness.

Due to the rain, I will stay here.

My grandmother does not keep health due to her old age.

Although she had a bad accident, she will recover in due course of time.

I cannot come to the office today due to illness.

They should be given due respect.

His failure was entirely due to his own laziness.

He could not pass due to his carelessness.

He is suffering in life due to his rashness.

He deprived me of my due share.

Please give me what is due to me.

Due to illness he could not turn up.

He failed due to illness.

His failure is due to his negligence.

Let us pay due regard to the views of others before passing any judgement.

The policeman used foul language against a suspect without due confirmation of guilt.

Her face appears ugly due to pimples.

He treats his superiors with due deference.

The next clearance is due at five.

When is the next train due ?

My health broke down due to overwork.

A lot of people lost jobs due to the economic crisis in 2008.

It is happening due to some accidental calamities.

I could not attend your birthday party due to illness.

Perhaps it is due to over-work.

She is very popular in the locality due to her qualities of head and heart.

The roof of the bathroom is leaking due to heavy rains.

Trees stopped growing due to pollution.

I receive many wrong calls due to some technical defect in the instrument.

Your failure is not due to your carelessness.

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