drinking in a sentence

You should abstain from drinking and smoking.

Drinking ruined his life.

Have you given up drinking whisky before breakfast?

I dislike drinking.

Why have you started drinking ?

This is the evil of drinking.

Most youngsters start drinking and smoking as a fashion.

Smoking and drinking should be avoided.

His weakness is drinking.

There are plenty of drinking water taps for the students.

A person who cannot buy the necessities of life has no right to spend his hard earned money on drinking.

The main need of water is for drinking.

Drinking and smoking are glamorized today.

We need water for drinking.

He prevented me from drinking cold water.

We need water for drinking, bathing, washing, and irrigational purposes.

Drinking is the mother of many evils.

Animals need water for drinking and bathing.

He is in a habit of drinking liquor.

It is placidly drinking water.

He is addicted to drinking.

I am not used to drinking tea without any sugar in it.

He is addicted to drinking.

Abstain from drinking.

In spite of being poor, he cannot live without drinking.

There is an acute scarcity of proper drinking water in many villages.

He has taken to smoking and drinking.

He is accustomed to drinking.

Give up drinking and smoking.

There is no drinking water.

Your habit of drinking has upset me.

It was due to some contamination in the drinking water.

We spent our winter holidays in eating and drinking and merry-making.

Are you in the habit of drinking bed tea in the morning?

Avoid drinking more than one litre of fluid per hour.

For centuries people have been drinking this concoction that helped them to get a sound sleep.

Also drinking too much water is dangerous to your health.

I will give up drinking at any cost.

I took to drinking when I was eighteen.

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