dreary in a sentence

Fairs and festivals provide a refreshing change in the dull, dreary routine of life.

Dull and dreary eyes can make even a pretty face appear ordinary.

Can you live in the dreary dessert?

Without children the world would be a dreary and dull place to live in.

The journey was dreary and dusty.

The rest of the month is quite dreary indeed.

How can you avoid sleeping disorder and dreary dreams?

My life is dreary.

It is incredibly dreary and depressing.

Not all of it’s dreary of course.

Negativity will bring one down and make life pretty dreary.

How do we deal with the dreary, cloudy winter?

A good teacher can make the most dreary subject seem fascinating.

It is not a dreary affair.

How dreary it is!

I couldn’t handle the constant, dreary weather.

I find my life dreary and dull.

The forest was dark and dreary.

There is nothing so dreary as the empty mind.

I do not want to dress dreary like everyone else.

Bare walls are dreary and uninteresting.

The tone of this film was dark and dreary.

It’s a dreary place.

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