domestic in a sentence

Owing to my domestic problems I request you to change my place of working.

Drinking is the root cause of domestic unhappiness.

I crave for domestic felicity.

I have to spend half my time in domestic chores.

This supply of water is not sufficient for domestic needs.

The Department of Tourism promotes international and domestic tourism in the country.

Science has increased the comforts and made domestic life easy giving men more time for leisure.

Cow is a very famous and important domestic animal.

Domestic violence is happening all around us due to bitter words.

Cows, dogs and cats are domestic animals.

Parrot is one of the most common domestic pets

Discipline is important in the domestic life of man.

Your kind words are lightening the burden of my domestic problems.

He domesticated wild animals and began to cultivate land.

She is negligent in domestic work.

She is negligent in domestic work.

He had to borrow money from money lenders at high rates of interest to fulfill his domestic needs.

The aeroplane was on a domestic flight.

Peace is predicted to prevail in your domestic life.

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