division in a sentence

After securing the first division in Class X, I had opted for the science stream in Class XI.

Division of time in the examination hall is very important.

Examinations give a division or a grade to the student.

He secured first division by means of hard work.

He could not avert the division of India in spite of his sincere efforts.

I am a good student and got first division in matric.

I am determined to get first division.

I have always secured the first division in all the examinations.

If a man makes a proper division and utilization of time, he is sure to prosper in life.

If he makes a proper division of time he is sure to improve in life.

If we make the proper division of time we are sure to improve in life.

If you work a little hard, I know, it will not be very difficult for you to pass in the first division next year.

It happens on the basis of the division of houses.

Not only had I secured the first division but also stood second in my class.

The brothers fell out on the division of property.

We should make a proper division of time.

We should study together and get a good division in the examination.

What’s your division in your graduation?

Who has fanned the flames of division in our land?

Will my daughter get first division?

You can get first division only when you make effort.

You cannot expect him to work hard and get a first division in the examination.

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