distressed in a sentence

She was distressed.

I was most distressed to hear the sad news of your father’s death.

The poverty of her dwelling distressed her.

I am distressed beyond words to learn about your mother’s sad and sudden death.

It is a duty of us to help the distressed.

He was distressed by the deceptive use of his image.

Eye infection left me distressed.

Nobody was distressed at the death of him.

I am distressed to know the death of your father.

He was distressed enough to commit suicide.

Are you a bit distressed?

You looked distressed.

He was distressed to hear the sad news.

I am distressed at the poverty of my dwelling.

I was distressed at this.

He was too much distressed to be able to speak.

Your failure has distressed me much.

He was too much distressed to be able to speak.

I was distressed to see her.

Why are you’ distressed ?

His nagging distressed her.

You have no idea how distressed she was.

The news distressed her.

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