distress in a sentence

I should have helped him in his distress.

I have heard of your distress and am ready to help you.

I was horrified at the sight of so much distress.

He went to friend and told of distress.

It is only in times of distress and emergency that a leader’s mettle is tested.

During his lifetime, he was in distress.

He is in deep distress.

The bloody battle brought distress to the king.

He wailed in distress.

It is bad to make merry when our fellow men are in distress.

Your timely help went a long way in relieving me of my distress.

He was kind enough to help me in my distress.

He has sympathy with his fellow-men, and he likes to help others in distress.

His bankruptcy is a signal of distress.

I sympathize with you in your distress.

We should help others who are in distress.

It is a case of extreme distress.

He is in great distress.

I sympathise with you in your distress.

The bloody battle brought distress to the king.

I will help my friend in distress.

I am always ready to help people in distress.

When I was in distress, he made me his friend.

He is hopeful even in this hour of distress.

They spoke with distress about their son’s illness.

She lends a hand to women in distress.

Night time body ache is a cause of distress for a majority of people.

Her death was a great distress to all the family.

Famine caused great distress among the people.

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