distant in a sentence


It has brought the distant parts of the world close together.

If there had not been a telescope many distant stars would not have been discovered.

He is distant relative of mine.

Today the press brings news from the distant corners of the world.

It has made the most distant dreams of man come true.

He is a distant relative of mine.

He hails from a distant land.

That place is very distant from here.

He is a distant relative of me.

Is affordable housing a distant dream?

Rainwater harvesting is still a distant dream.

He is a distant relative of me.

Myopia can cause difficulty in seeing distant objects.

If a married couple does not talk, then they start becoming distant from each other.

Are you often distant?

If we do not learn from failure, victory will only remain to be a distant dream.

He married his distant cousin.

We are emotionally distant.

She is a distant relative of mine.

Myopia or near-sightedness is an ailment of our eyes that disrupts the distant vision.

Today the press brings news from the distant corners of the world.

Computer networks can be used for co-ordinating things at distant places.

If there had not been a telescope many distant stars would not have been discovered.

Mosquitoes made sleep a distant dream.

It happened in the distant past.

He is my distant relation.

Today we can go to distant countries easily by plane.

A close neighbor is better than a distant relative.

My son lives in a distant place.

The moon is distant from the earth.

We can see distant objects with a telescope.

Education for all remains a distant dream.

The old sailor gazed wistfully out to sea, reminiscing about his distant adventures on foreign shores.

Despite living in different countries, Mary and John maintained a strong bond through frequent letters, bridging the distant gap between them.

The sound of distant thunder warned us of an impending storm approaching from the west.

The majestic eagle soared high in the sky, its sharp eyes scanning for prey in the distant landscape below.

A group of hikers set off on an adventure to reach the distant, elusive peak of the unexplored mountain.

The ancient castle stood on a hill overlooking the village, its turrets and walls projecting an aura of distant mystery and intrigue.

During the cold winter nights, the villagers gathered around the flickering fire, sharing stories of distant lands and mythical creatures.

The astronaut marveled at the sight of Earth from the space station, a bright blue orb floating in the vastness of distant space.

The haunting melody of a lone violin drifted through the night, filling the air with a sense of distant melancholy.

With each stroke of the artist’s brush, a beautiful landscape emerged on the canvas, capturing the essence of a distant, dreamlike realm.

The ancient map led the treasure hunters to a distant island rumored to hold untold riches and hidden artifacts.

The scent of blooming wildflowers carried on the breeze, filling the air with the fragrance of distant meadows.

Despite their differences, the pen pals developed a strong bond over time, bridging the gap of their distant backgrounds and cultures.

The astronomer pointed his telescope towards a distant constellation, seeking to unravel the mysteries of the stars.

The haunting ruins of an ancient temple lay hidden within the depths of a dense, distant jungle, untouched by modern civilization.

The distant echo of church bells signaled the start of a joyous celebration in the nearby village.

The howling wind swept through the deserted plains, carrying with it the whispers of a distant era.

The astronaut’s radio crackled with static as they floated in the vastness of distant space, feeling both isolated and connected to the cosmos.

The ancient, weathered book contained maps and accounts of far-off lands, tempting the reader with tales of distant adventures.

A mysterious figure appeared on the edge of the forest, their silhouette barely visible in the distant moonlight.

The sound of distant laughter and music drifted from the nearby festival, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

The majestic waterfall cascaded down the cliff face, its mist creating a rainbow in the distant valley below.

The scent of pine trees filled the air as the hikers ventured deeper into the distant wilderness, leaving civilization far behind.

The painter captured the essence of a distant storm brewing at sea, skillfully depicting the crashing waves and turbulent skies.

From the top of the lighthouse, the keeper scanned the distant seas, keeping a watchful eye for any signs of trouble.

The soft glow of the fireflies danced in the evening air, creating a mesmerizing spectacle in the distant meadow.

Amidst the rolling hills, a lone farmhouse stood in the distance, creating a picturesque scene of tranquility.

The haunting melody of a flute echoed through the forest, drawing creatures from the distant corners to listen.

As the storm approached, the distant rumble of thunder grew louder, warning of its impending arrival.

The ancient ruins of a forgotten civilization lay buried beneath layers of sand in the distant desert.

The lighthouse beacon shone brightly across the dark ocean, guiding ships safely through the distant night.

A flock of migratory birds passed overhead, their distant calls filling the sky as they journeyed to warmer lands.

The historian studied old manuscripts to unravel the secrets of a distant era, piecing together the forgotten stories of the past.

The aroma of freshly baked bread wafted from a distant bakery, enticing passersby with its tempting scent.

Synonyms Of Distant – Another Words

Far, Far-Flung, Far-Off, Inaccessible, Isolated, Obscure, Remote, Removed, Secluded, A Piece, Abroad, Abstracted, Apart, Arm’S Length, Asunder, Away, Backwoods, Beyond Range, Far Back, Farther, Further, In The Background, In The Boonies, In The Distance, In The Sticks, Indirect, Middle Of Nowhere

Antonyms Of Distant – Opposite Words

Approachable, Mingling, Public, Adjacent, Close, Friendly, Kind, Near, Nearby, Neighboring, Sympathetic, Warm

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