disease in a sentence

AIDS is a disease of the poor as mostly poor illiterate people fall a victim to it.

Flies, which come mostly in summer, carry disease.

AIDS is a deadly disease for which so far no foolproof treatment has been discovered.

We see people around us suffering from debilitating illness or a life-threatening disease.

This disease is spreading quite rapidly.

Gum disease can be a reason for heart disease.

This is a fatal disease.

He has reduced to a skeleton after a prolonged disease.

It has become easier to diagnose disease with the help of X-rays.

Measles is an infectious disease.

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease.

AIDS is not an infectious disease.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in India.

Exercise keeps disease away.

Measles is in most cases a relatively harmless disease.

Chicken pox is a highly contagious disease, occurring usually in children.

Shock neurosis is a mental disease.

Mother Teresa suffered from heart disease.

People are dying of disease every day.

A viral disease has broken out.

Cholera is an infectious disease.

Even a disease like cancer is curable in its preliminary stage.

Brown rice offers protection against cardiovascular disease due to its high fiber .

This disease is common during the rainy season.

Cold weather increases the risk of heart disease .

The disease usually spreads in rainy season through contaminated water and food.

Due can be a very dangerous disease if not taken care of properly.

Breast cancer is a fatal disease that can develop in any phase of one’s life.

Cardiovascular disease is not the same as a heart disease.

That disease is incurable.

These measures can prevent the disease from spreading.

He is suffering from a contagious disease.

The disease developed quickly.

We must diagnose the disease before we treat it.

It has become easy to diagnose disease with the help of X-rays.

A contagious disease is spread by contact or touch.

An infectious disease may spread in any way.

Eating soaked walnuts every day helps prevent heart disease .

Eating too much of fatty foods can also increase your risk of heart disease .

This disease is more common in people above the age of .

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease which usually affects the lungs.

Having a good diet can help you get rid of the disease soon.

It cures the disease by strengthening body’s natural process to fight against the disease.

Rabies is primarily a disease of animals.

It is a disease that can’t be prevented.

The disease is still in the primary stage.

Malaria is a disease that mosquitoes carry.

Synonyms Of Disease – Another Words

Cancer, Bug, Condition, Contamination, Defect, Disorder, Epidemic, Fever, Flu, Illness, Infection, Inflammation, Malady, Plague, Sickness, Stroke, Syndrome, Virus, Ache, Affection, Attack, Blight, Breakdown, Canker, Collapse, Complaint, Contagion, Convulsions, Debility, Decrepitude, Distemper, Endemic, Feebleness, Fit, Hemorrhage, Indisposition, Infirmity, Misery, Seizure, Spell, Temperature, Unhealthiness, Unsoundness, Upset, Visitation

Antonyms Of Disease – Opposite Words

Advantage, Good Health, Health, Ability, Blessing, Boon, Happiness, Soundness, Strength

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