disastrous in a sentence

Its methods are inhuman and its effects are disastrous2.

The recent cyclone has been disastrous to many crops.

The effects of deforestation are very serious and disastrous.

Irresponsible and biased attitude can prove to be disastrous for the society.

The problem before us is how to escape the disastrous consequences.

Any malfunction has a disastrous effect on man.

Any wrong step would prove disastrous for the party across the country.

If a child has not been taught to face failures, it may lead to disastrous consequences.

She tells a lie without thinking of the disastrous consequences.

Careless driving or the failure of the brakes can prove disastrous.

Failure to take effective measures to combat climate change at the global level could be disastrous for the mankind.

Sometimes the results of the beauty treatments can be disastrous.

Disastrous effects of climate change can be diluted only through a combined effort of all nations rather all individuals.

The recent cyclone has been disastrous to many crops.

Recklessness in speech can have disastrous results.

The opening of the team was disastrous.

A small doubt can be responsible for disastrous results.

An early detection can save you from disastrous consequences.

Dehydration during pregnancy can have disastrous results for the mother and the growing foetus.

As makeup particles react on the skin all night long the effect can be disastrous.

You need to be very cautious in taking a decision as it may prove to be disastrous for you.

Dry hair and split ends can prove to be disastrous.

Sleeping too much or too little can be disastrous for your health.

Sometimes this can turn out to be disastrous for some people.

It could be disastrous.

Stress has a disastrous effect on your health.

Studies have proved that being an alcoholic can prove to be disastrous for your mental and physical health.

This could be potentially disastrous for your friendship.

Well I am not here to discuss the details of the disastrous incident.

You need to remember that taking painkillers without a prescription can have some disastrous effects on the foetus .

It has proved to be disastrous for businesses.

It can be disastrous if it is not properly planned and executed.

It can be disastrous if you are not presented in your original personality.

It can rather result in disastrous outcomes .

It has a disastrous effect on your thyroid gland.

It is a hidden disease which has disastrous consequence if not treated early.

It was a disastrous choice.

Sleep disorder effects health and the most disastrous effect is weight gain.

But this rain might turn disastrous for your health sometimes.

Omitting carbs from the diet can be more disastrous to your health.

On the other hand it may turn into something disastrous too.

Opting for desserts after dinner every night can be disastrous for your body by adding calories to your body.

She is sometimes applauded for her elegant dressing style and often chided for her disastrous outfits.

She looked totally disastrous in this loose fitting suit .

That is an absolute disastrous myth.

It could lead to disastrous consequences.

Pollution has a disastrous effect on the ecology of a region.

Pollution has a disastrous effect on the ecology of a region.

This tendency has disastrous consequences.

Doing both will only give you a disastrous look!

If those enter into your body they can create a disastrous impact.

It would look disastrous isn’t it?

Make them realise about the disastrous effects of such things.

The Sun can cause a lot of disastrous effects to your skin apart from the dark skin tan.

But what if your kiss turns out to be the most disastrous thing in this world?

She made the look more disastrous with the pair of orange shoes.

Sleep disorder effects health and the most disastrous effect is weight gain.

The events turn into many emotional and disastrous upheavals.

There are many friends who purposely set you up on disastrous dates.

Synonyms Of Disastrous – Another Words

Adverse, Calamitous, Cataclysmic, Catastrophic, Destructive, Dire, Dreadful, Fatal, Fateful, Harmful, Ill-Fated, Ruinous, Terrible, Tragic, Unfavorable, Unfortunate

Antonyms Of Disastrous – Opposite Words

Advantageous, Aiding, Assisting, Blessed, Favorable, Fortunate, Good, Happy, Healthful, Helpful, Life-Giving, Lucky, Nice, Trivial, Unimportant, Wonderful

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