dignity in a sentence

It ensures dignity of the individual.

Good manners earn a person respect and dignity.

I believe in the dignity of labour.

There is no dignity of labour in our country.

We should maintain our nobility and dignity even when we are living with or talking to common rustic people.

Treat other people with respect and dignity.

He has lost his job for a while even then he stands on his dignity.

I have been doing my best to restore the dignity of this dance form.

Never lose your dignity because if you lose it, you have lost all.

It is below our dignity to do so.

He feels it beneath his dignity.

I will bring them back with honour and dignity.

All pupils have been taught the dignity of labour and the advantages of self-help.

It is below his dignity to beg for mercy.

One must keep up one’s dignity.

It is below my dignity to live in this locality.

Do not consider any humble work below your dignity.

One should never lose one’s dignity.

Do not put on an air of dignity.

He believes in the dignity of labour.

We must value human dignity and protect human rights.

He thinks it below his dignity to accept this job.

She was feeling angry, but behaved with great dignity.

He seldom does anything which will tell upon the dignity of his family.

Science has added to the dignity and stature of the individual.

He plays for the dignity of his team and his country.

It gives us dignity and self-respect.

We should learn the dignity of labour.

It is below my dignity to live in this locality.

I believe in the dignity of labour.

He thinks it below his dignity to accept this job.

It is below my dignity to live in this locality.

One should never lose one’s dignity.

It is below our dignity to accept foreign aid.

It is beneath my dignity to ask a favor.

A person who does not have good manners loses dignity and self-respect.

He fought for the civil rights of us and our dignity of life.

We must act responsibly and maintain the dignity of this profession.

Good manners help us in getting respect and dignity in the society.

Talking slowly in the public places shows that you respect the dignity of that place.

We must uphold its dignity even if it is at the cost of our lives.

Beard is considered as a manly symbol of dignity and wisdom.

There is a constant fear about the dignity of the family being marred if the child sexual story comes out in the open.

He completed his obligations with the constitutional dignity.

Saraswati Puja is organized with full dignity by students in every teaching institution.

I impressed with his dignity and conviction.

It spoiled all the pomp and dignity of the procession.

Respect the dignity of people.

It helps them to maintain their dignity and educates them to face their failures as well as learn from them.

The dignity of labor should be instilled in the minds of young men.

This feeling and sense of dignity of labor has also to be taught to the young man of our country.

They enjoy equal respect and dignity in the family.

We should give due respect to the dignity of labor.

Synonyms Of Dignity – Another Words

Decency, Decorum, Grace, Grandeur, Greatness, Honor, Morality, Poise, Prestige, Quality, Respectability, Self-Respect, Stature, Status, Virtue, Address, Cachet, Character, Consequence, Courtliness, Culture, Distinction, Elevation, Eminence, Ethics, Etiquette, Glory, Gravity, Hauteur, Importance, Loftiness, Majesty, Merit, Nobleness, Perfection, Propriety, Rank, Regard, Renown, Seemliness, Significance, Solemnity, Splendor, Standing, State, Stateliness, Station, Sublimity, Worth, Worthiness

Antonyms Of Dignity – Opposite Words

Dishonor, Evil, Immorality, Indecency, Insignificance, Unimportance, Bad Manners, Worthlessness

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