difficult in a sentence

It was difficult to get rid of him.

It is very difficult to get near him.

It is difficult to please everybody.

It is difficult for him to make his both ends meet.

The sum is not difficult.

It is difficult to gauge the depth of one’s heart simply by looking at one’s face and outward appearance.

It is difficult for us to spend even a single moment without electricity.

When self-esteem is very low, it is difficult for you to achieve success.

I take up difficult tasks and see them successfully through.

There are times when things become difficult and are beyond our control.

He had to go through many difficult situations.

We can try to be patient while we are going through a difficult period, instead of grumbling.

Comedy is the most difficult genre for an actor because to make people laugh is not an easy task.

I am going through a difficult time these days.

It is difficult in today’s world to find someone who is an absolute truthful person.

It is very easy to criticize others but very difficult to accept when others criticize us.

It is more difficult than you imagine.

It is difficult to live with diabetes.

He is very difficult to deal with you.

It is very difficult to bring him around to our ideas.

Time, patience and hard work are needed for an important and difficult task.

This book is difficult to read.

It is difficult for a student to part with his books.

If an adverb qualifies an adjective or another adverb, it precedes the adjective or the other adverb as, A work of this type is often difficult.”

I had difficult time.

I wonder how we can explain our difficult situation.

It is very difficult to get at truth.

Were the question papers difficult ?

Adolescence can be one of the most difficult phases in a person’s life.

Synonyms Of Difficult – Another Words

Ambitious, Arduous, Burdensome, Challenging, Crucial, Demanding, Laborious, Onerous, Painful, Problematic, Severe, Strenuous, Tough, Troublesome

Antonyms Of Difficult – Opposite Words

Easy, Effortless, Facile, Helpful, Nice, Trivial, Calm, Free, Friendly, Manageable, Plain, Simple

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