difficult in a sentence

It was difficult to get rid of him.

It is very difficult to get near him.

It is difficult to please everybody.

It is difficult for him to make his both ends meet.

The sum is not difficult.

It is difficult to gauge the depth of one’s heart simply by looking at one’s face and outward appearance.

It is difficult for us to spend even a single moment without electricity.

When self-esteem is very low, it is difficult for you to achieve success.

I take up difficult tasks and see them successfully through.

There are times when things become difficult and are beyond our control.

He had to go through many difficult situations.

We can try to be patient while we are going through a difficult period, instead of grumbling.

Comedy is the most difficult genre for an actor because to make people laugh is not an easy task.

I am going through a difficult time these days.

It is difficult in today’s world to find someone who is an absolute truthful person.

It is very easy to criticize others but very difficult to accept when others criticize us.

It is more difficult than you imagine.

It is difficult to live with diabetes.

He is very difficult to deal with you.

It is very difficult to bring him around to our ideas.

Time, patience and hard work are needed for an important and difficult task.

This book is difficult to read.

It is difficult for a student to part with his books.

If an adverb qualifies an adjective or another adverb, it precedes the adjective or the other adverb as, A work of this type is often difficult.”

I had difficult time.

I wonder how we can explain our difficult situation.

It is very difficult to get at truth.

Were the question papers difficult ?

Adolescence can be one of the most difficult phases in a person’s life.

This book is difficult to read as it is written in French.

Please be quiet. They are studying for a very difficult exam.

I thought that book was difficult to read.

He found it very difficult to breathe.

The last question is the most difficult.

They should not be afraid of difficult words and phrases.

This includes recovering from difficult situations and being able to bounce back.

It’s a difficult question.

It was difficult to carry out the plan.

This theory is too difficult for me to comprehend.

This question is difficult to answer.

It has become difficult for children and women to go out into the street.

He is very difficult to get along with.

It’s difficult to evaluate his ability.

His name is very difficult to remember.

She is a difficult person to deal with.

It is difficult for us to get along with her

It’s difficult to balance a ball on your nose.

I found it rather difficult to make myself understood.

It was difficult to remove the coffee stain.

It is very difficult to choose the best out of them.

It is a difficult task

This lack of clarity can make life difficult for anyone.

The caves were too difficult to reach.

He found it difficult to get rid of him.

He is far too stupid for such a difficult task.

It is too difficult for a man to do it single handed.

This problem is not so difficult as it seems.

A resolution to the problem was more difficult than we anticipated.

This problem is difficult to solve.

The problem was so difficult that I could not solve it.

He became a great actress in spite of having had a difficult childhood.

This problem is too difficult for me to solve.

We hope you will understand the difficult circumstances we’re working under.

The coffee stain was difficult to remove.

This is a difficult situation.

Some of his books are difficult to read.

He is thought to be difficult to deal with.

I am finding it difficult to pay the rent of my current flat.

Children are difficult to get along with.

It’s very difficult to put things in order.

I’m always writing weird and hoopy stuff so I’m sure it’s difficult to comment on.

This idea on which he based his philosophy, is very difficult to comprehend.

When you do not get enough sleep at night you feel grumpy and find it difficult to carry on with your daily duties the next day.

This question is much difficult but that is much easy.

It would be difficult for you to get that book.

I cannot do a such difficult work.

What to do is difficult to decide.

She is difficult to please.

You are difficult to be pleased.

It is easy to be said but difficult to be done.

She is difficult to be pleased.

We must get rid of this difficult business at once.

This problem is so difficult that I cannot explain.

He asked the student a very difficult question.

It is difficult to convince her.

Children find it difficult to sit quiet.

What you propose is difficult to understand.

It is difficult to say.

I find it difficult to be very near the animal.

It was realy difficult for me to sit in my seat doing nothing.

It was a difficult situation.

It is difficult to earn good without sincerity and faithfulness.

This is a difficult sum.

He finds it difficult to keep the wolf away from his door.

I find it difficult to leave my bed before mid morning.

Do not write very long and difficult sentences.

It is easy to begin a dispute, but difficult to clinch the issue.

It is very difficult to give up a habit.

Copying has become so widespread in the examinations that the authorities find difficult to controlling it.

This thing is not difficult to achieve.

It was very difficult to get back those caps.

It is very difficult to find a house on rent.

We will find it difficult to beat it.

They made it difficult for others to move about.

The labourers also find it difficult to live in such a hard time.

It is very difficult to choose a friend.

I know I got education under very difficult circumstances.

The passage for summarizing is full of difficult words.

It is very difficult for me to reach the college in time.

I am sure that you will realise that it is very difficult to cover this distance on foot.

To tell you the truth, it is a very difficult thing.

It is very difficult for one to make one’s career in the present days.

Today it is difficult to imagine a world without electricity.

Sometimes it is difficult to think of suitable words with which to start the letter.

Do not feel discouraged by difficult words.

Those caves are too difficult to reach.

It is difficult for you to equal me.

It was difficult to get rid of him.

They were too difficult to be reached.

They were too difficult to reach.

Stomach heat is a common problem that can be really irritating and difficult to deal with.

Chess, in my opinion, is a very difficult game.

The beggars who have spent years on the street, find it very difficult to live in a confined space.

It is difficult to say what dreams exactly are and how they are formed.

They lead a difficult life.

It is difficult to please all.

The question is too difficult to be answered.

It is too difficult to be easily understood.

That was a difficult catch.

It is very difficult to deal with my officer.

The mechanics of this instrument are not difficult to understand.

How the horse received such a grievous injury is difficult to tell.

This is not difficult for him.

As they play outside a lot it becomes difficult to keep them protected .

Really, in those days it was a difficult job to undertake a journey.

But most men find it difficult to communicate because they are often not in touch .

The passage is too difficult for me to comprehend.

He is so stupid that he is not suitable for such a difficult post.

It is difficult to understand why he distrusts his own sons.

It is difficult to climb up the hill.

Cleaning a freezer is not difficult if you follow the correct technique.

The common man finds it difficult to make his both ends meet.

The housewife finds it very difficult to manage the family budget.

Driving a vehicle has been very difficult these days.

The attempt to solve a problem in this way might well lead to graver and more difficult problems.

He is so clever, it is difficult to see         his tricks.

It is difficult to imagine such dullards.

Find your way for a perfect relationship is difficult I understand.

Was the paper so difficult that the boys couldn’t do even half the questions?

It is difficult to live up to the expectations of other people all the time.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to cook food without water.

In the past it was difficult to know what was happening elsewhere.

It is difficult to control him.

It is difficult to make a prediction.

The words used in the book are so difficult that I can’t understand them.

Stuck up in a marsh, they found it difficult to reach the goal.

It made it difficult for him to walk.

She is difficult to tackle.

They find it difficult to manage their budget.

It is difficult to make a choice but one can have preferences.

The poor, now-a- days, find it difficult to keep the wolf from the door.

Now it will be difficult to put together the parts.

It’s true that the project is a difficult task

It was very difficult to drive since visibility had been reduced to less than three metres.

This is very difficult proposition.

No nation ever got out of a difficult position, economic or military, without discipline.

You cannot not get out of a difficult situation without discipline.

Do you find it difficult to live within your housekeeping Budget ?

This idea on which he based his philosophy, is very difficult to comprehend.

It wasn’t a difficult decision.

It’s difficult to pronounce your name.

It’s difficult to be a teacher these days.

You put me in a difficult position.

The habits that are formed in boyhood are difficult to break.

I know the situation is very difficult for us.

The operation of this machine is too difficult for me.

That’s a problem difficult to solve.

People often say that Japanese is a difficult language.

Japanese is often said to be a difficult language to learn.

It was difficult to persuade him to change his mind.

He was able to pass the difficult test.

He found it difficult to swim to the island.

He’ll cope with difficult problems.

He is faced with a difficult problem.

He solved the difficult problem.

It is very difficult to make him out.

It seems to be difficult for her to get along with students in the new school.

It’s a difficult matter.

The laws were very difficult to enforce.

Which is the most difficult language in the world?

Do you have any idea of how difficult is to do this?

He finds it difficult to keep up with the rest of the class.

I wish you would tell me what I ought to do in this difficult situation.

Time is money and it is difficult for one to use money to get time.

It is very difficult to find the exact origin of computers.

It is difficult to define a good mother in a few words.

Which writing system is the most difficult in the world?

They lived through a difficult time.

We must find a way out of this difficult situation.

I find it difficult to leave my bed before mid morning.

Certainly this is the most difficult problem that a young man faces is the selection of a profession.

Synonyms Of Difficult – Another Words

Ambitious, Arduous, Burdensome, Challenging, Crucial, Demanding, Laborious, Onerous, Painful, Problematic, Severe, Strenuous, Tough, Troublesome

Antonyms Of Difficult – Opposite Words

Easy, Effortless, Facile, Helpful, Nice, Trivial, Calm, Free, Friendly, Manageable, Plain, Simple

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